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From the Burpple community

Peck is pretty much one gem hidden in Taka! Their italian bread are perfect for a savoury treat!! The price point is also rly good at ~$2 or even lesser!! For the quality + price + taste, it's very worth the try! 😊

I really have no idea how to describe this because it gave me two confusing taste - but in a good way. Other than the chocolate, there is also this taste that I can't make out of πŸ˜‚ but I like it! Hehe 🍫

Tbh I can't rmb what it is but I took it bc it's pumpkin 🀣 there is this rly familiar taste to it on top of the pumpkin that I couldn't identify. But it was some good stuff :')

Tbvh i dont know what is it and the description says it's steamed bread. Got one to try but it feels more like cake than bread to me🀣 this sweet potato "bread" is quite sweet and if you are in need of a quick sugar fix then this is worth the try :) or if you want a nice sweet dessert after a meal!! πŸ˜›

I like to refrigerate my cheese tart from BAKE. But I couldn't wait to eat this soooooo. The cheese is still oozy. Some may like it, but not me πŸ˜… Not sure if it is just me or that in the past, their tarts feel like cheesecake within a tart (which makes me REALLY love it). Now it's more like cream cheese tart which do not appeal that much to me anymore.

This milkshake monster cost me a whopping $19.90!

The Batsy Speculoos Freakshake is a mashup of vanilla ice cream with speculoos spread, topped with sweet nutella frosting, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips and cookies...

Would give it 7/10!