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07:30am - 08:30pm

07:30am - 08:30pm

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07:30am - 08:30pm



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The prefect pick me up. Instead of snacking on unhealthy bites in the late afternoon, this is guilt free and helps me pack in my vitamins.

Moist, soft & creamy slab of Tiramisu Cake at $9 each. Really melts in the mouth!

Vegan stack today. Beetroot hummus with my fav avocado and sourdough. Life is good.

Regular sized ($9nett) plate of goodness: choose 1 Base (quinoa/bulgar/mesclun & more), 1 Protein (chicken breast), 2 toppings, 1 dressing and 1 special avocado side (avo-mango-salsa/guacamole/sliced avocado). The portion was decent for a good lunch! And I’m definitely coming back for those yummy-looking avo toasts

Avocado toast fans will have a whale of a time eating their way through the menu at this spot at the Food Garden in Asia Square Tower 2. The delicious options may also inspire those who have fallen off the clean eating bandwagon to get back on. The toasts, served on customised bread by Maison Kayser, are a favourite — there are nine options including You're My Toast ($6.50) that sees bread slathered in mashed avo topped with oregano roasted tomatoes in balsamic glaze, and Double Barrel ($7.50) that combines mozzarella, ham and smashed avocado. If you're really looking to fill up, consider their grain bowls instead, which are more substantial and generous with the toppings. Burppler Rueann Dass ordered the Large Grain Bowl ($13) that comes with two bases, two proteins and three toppings. She likes the bulgur (cracked wheat) base for its interesting, mildly spicy seasoning, and recommends paying an extra $1 each for both the paprika shrimp and Moroccan salmon as protein. Despite Avorush's avocado focus, the bowls actually don't come heaped with avocado, so bear that in mind when you're deciding between the toasts and bowls.
Avg price: $10
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Blueskies Cottonclouds

Despite the price tags usually associated with things slathered in avocado, I’ll still cave in once in a while. The Double Barrel comes generously slathered in avocado and though you can’t see it, bits of mozzarella as well. Really tasty and the sourdough was jusssst right in terms of texture.

While this satisfied the avo cravings, I’d say go for their grain bowls if you’re hungry cause those are really generous with the toppings (except maybe the avocados. Go figure).

At $13, the large grain bowl that comes with two bases, two proteins and three toppings fetches great value. The bulgur (cracked wheat) had an interesting, mildly spicy flavour, which gave it an edge over the plainer quinoa. Both the Paprika Shrimp and Moroccan Salmon cost an extra dollar, and did quite well on cook and taste. The greens, however, we found under expectations along with the somewhat sad serving size of the avocado — only because the branding gave the general impression that avocados were the focus.
Nevertheless a good place for an easy, filling lunch!

Fried bulgur with prawns and corn and balsamic beets and Greek salad.

After a hectic work week, I am starting my day with some guaca goodness and looking forward to the weekend.

A friend tried Min Ju's fried bulgur wheat and told me I die die must try it. She's spot on. Lightly pan fried with onions, cherry toms and corn, and seasoned with salt, pepper and Chilli flakes, this was so good. The prawns and avocado completed my meal making it an awesome and wholesome one. I learn something new each time I am here. Bulgur wheat is as healthy as quinoa except it has more fibre. I seldom choose this grain as my base as in the past I found it bland at most salad places. Min Ju has completely changed my mind after tasting her version of it this evening.

I must say I am glad I did. Freshly made on the spot, acai is nicely complemented by housemade granola (this is so good), grated coconut, bananas and strawberries! The day just starts off so much better because I know I have nourished my body. Yums!

Another day, another opportunity to try another toast. Today, it's the "you're toast". Oregano roasted cherry toms with a balsamic glaze. All prettily arranged on a bed of avocado and freshly baked sourdough. Bliss! They also serve All Press organic coffee here. Can't think of a better, healthier way to begin my day! Happy Tuesday all!

Yes, crazy as it sounds, I returned for dinner today and met the lovely Min Ju. She is the mastermind behind all these wonderful creations at @avorush. She's a nutritionist who has a passion for cooking and it truly shows in all of their offerings here. Their grains bowls are perfect for those who love healthy food and don't want to compromise on flavours. I had the quinoa as a base (which was mixed with cherry toms), for proteins I chose the Greek styled chicken which was succulent and tender. I added an extra protein, Tofu and it was a great choice as it was delicious. For sides I chose the beetroot hummus (amazing!) and grilled zucchini. The quinoa was dressed with some freshly made pesto on the side and Min Ju also gave me a helping of her freshly made tahini for my tofu. The avocado and mango salsa was so delicious!The best part of this meal? It's served warm and all these goodness for less than SGD 15. We are totally enamoured with @avorush and I can see this becoming a regular affair. Absolutely love the passion that is put into all their creations.

Introduced by Burpple Tastemaker @Blueskiescottonclouds, one-month-old Avorush in Asia Square’s Food Garden specialises in avocado toasts from 7.30am onwards, and expand their offerings to avocado bowls for lunch from about 11am.
The food here is prepared fresh daily which makes it even more value-for-money. I ordered a regular Avocado Bowl for $9 nett (a large costs $13) but because I picked the rosemary beef for my protein, an extra $1 was needed. There wasn’t a huge serving of the meat but it’s really tender from being sous-vided before being grilled.
Everything else that I chose to make up my plate - the summer pasta, balsamic roasted beetroot and carrots, grilled zucchini, sliced avocado and basil aioli, actually tasted very good too. The food here seems to possess just the right amount of seasoning, so I didn’t feel like I had to compromise on flavour because I felt like having something healthy.
Avorush also serves super açaí bowls, avocado smoothies, a watermelon and mint coconut water slushie, organic coffee from Melbourne and for cheat days, a decadent looking Martinucci Tiramisu.

If you like beetroot and hummus, the “Vegan Stack” with sliced avocado on sourdough would be perfect. In this, the strong earthiness of the purple vegetable is muted as it’s mixed into a hummus which has quite a bit of garlic.
Really happy to have been introduced to this place by Burpple Tastemaker @blueskiescottonclouds (whom I am sure is going to be their regular customer). I can understand why it’s so easy for her to keep returning to Avorush for her fix of freshly-made, tasty food that is value-for-money.

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