From the Burpple community

Located from a casual eatery along Hollywood Boulevard in Disney California Adventure Park, Award Wieners sells many varieties of hot dogs with a side of their film strip fries (consistent with the Hollywood theme). They’re really punny, so that’s a plus in my books.

Went with the Uptown Dog which is a fluffy piece of buttered bread, beef hot dog, topped with chilli cheese. A quintessentially American dish, which swapped out the usually dry and tasteless hot dog bun in favour of white bread which is softer. The chilli isn’t hot at all, so even those who can’t take spice can enjoy this. Better eat this quick as it isn’t as nice once the cheese on top hardens.

For the sides, there’s an option for the film strip fries which are broad curly strips of fried potatoes as well as additional toppings. I chose to add on the Oktoberfest topping which just turned out to be cheese and green onions (served in the small bowl behind for you to pour by yourself). Once again, America serves great fries and Award Wieners is no exception. I love how crispy and flavourful the fries are. They’re also not stingy with the cheese sauce, but most of it ends up going to the bottom and not catching on the fries. The green onions are a good addition too which add a little kick to the cheesiness of the side. What really amazed us was how crispy the fries remained even after they cooled down. While the additional dollar probably wasn’t worth it for the cheese sauce and green onions, getting a hot dog and fries from Award Wieners was.

My recommendation is to download the Disneyland app and make an online order for the food. You can indicate once you’ve reached the area and the restaurant will start preparing your meal so it’s served hot and fresh. Saves you the time of having to queue up to place your order which is especially useful at lunch or dinner time.