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From the Burpple community

One of my favourites!! The menu underwent a revamp recently, and is now very extensive. My favourite chicken panini is now served as a set meal ($5) with fries and spiced soup. Highlight of this store is definitely the juicy grilled meat chock full of flavour!!

Thought this store looked quite promising, so I decided to try something new! The porridge ($3) is smooth and starchy, but rather salty. Was disappointed because there were only a few small pieces of minced pork!

For a balanced and delicious bowl. Choose your protein of choice from Salmon Teriyaki, Satay Chicken, Korean Chicken/Pork and choose 3 sides from a list of 9. It can be as nutritious as you want it to be if you choose the right sides. Personally my all time fave is Salmon with broccoli, sunny side up and sous vide egg. Salmon is freshly cooked upon order and I love how it is perfectly cooked without being over done and dry. Chef torches the salmon to give it extra crackling and fragrance. All these for a wallet friendly $6 only. The non-salmon bowls are less than $6.

The nasi goreng was not cooked long enough. Doesn't have the brownish texture.

But I will say, their blanchan is damn awesome.

Incredibly well seasoned and balanced! You get all of the crustacean flavor without any of it being overbearing. Option of $4/5/6 with choice of pork ribs and pig tail to go with your dish.

Full vlog and how-to-make:

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Always our all time favourite and the only reason we drove down to the west.