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This was given to us as sample after we bought the soft serve. Very intense houjicha flavour, love it! 👍🏼

Finally it’s back!! The famous Tsujiri houten is back at Takashimaya with their famous soft serve. Super love their flavour, especially the houjicha. The fragance of the roasted tea was so intense and superb!

Tsujirihei Honten made its return to Takashimaya Food Hall with their range of Japanese sweets, but many foodies raved about their rich and delicious soft serve ice cream. Both the Matcha and Hojicha flavours were very “gao siew dai”, the kind of taste tea lovers would approve.

To put some sweetness into the dessert, I opted for the soft serve to go with their Uji Matcha Yamari Jelly. Costing S$14.00, the parfait came with the Yamari jelly, Azuki and two Shiratama. If this was not considered as decadence, nothing would be.

Matcha/ hojicha mix for the indecisive! Flavours are intense, as always.


Instagram: Pretty green tea dessert from Yamari by Tsujirihen-Honten.
Reality: Nausea, heart palpitations, stomachaches, headaches, light-headedness, shaky hands and shortness of breath 😭
Pretty intense, bitter soft serve. Warning: the serving size is a lot, I definitely recommend sharing. The soft serve is like concentrated green tea powder in ice cream form. It’s so strong the ice cream stained my fingers! 🍵
⚠️⚠️⚠️ Would not recommend this if like me, you’re allergic/intolerant to green tea and/or caffeine and/or dairy and/or have a sensitive stomach, just don’t, you’ll be very miserable like me 😩 #regrets

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Autumn Japan Fair Pop Up.
Still as good as past tasting, grab-&-go soft serve in cone.
Tsujirihei Honten