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From the Burpple community

Thou this was not the signature drink, I much preferred this. The tea was nice, not too milky not too sweet. Very easy to drink. Pearls were soft and chewy

Queue was long but moved fast. Pearls were soft and chewy, very nice. They made them on site, right beside the cashier. Milk was bland, but my companion told me not to mix the brown sugar at the bottom. Supposed to drink milk and sugar separately. Not used to it.

Item: Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea (not their flagship drink)
Cost: $4.90
Opinion: Average milk tea with pearls cooked in brown sugar. The pearls are very soft and chewy. Not a fan at first, but the texture grew on me. The pearls are heavily infused with the brown sugar flavour, as they're cooked in it. However, the brown sugar flavour in the pearls did not translate into the drink having the same flavour. The milk tea reminds me of teh bing, with less tea flavour.
Rating (drink): 3/5
Rating (brown sugar): 4/5
Rating (pearls): 3/5
Repurchase: no, not at this price point

I was so excited to see this colourful Thai snack available in Singapore. This always brings me back to my childhood vacations in Bangkok, where I would eagerly choose which ‘fruits’ I wanted from the stall at MBK. Unfortunately, the variant here didn’t match up to my expectations. The skin was too thin, translucent and film-like whereas the green bean filling was coarse. I felt the skin to filling ratio was too little, and I didn’t get much satisfaction overall. Guess it’s time for another trip back to Thailand.

Thankfully it wasn’t a long wait - somehow the milk doesn’t taste as fragrant, pearls aren’t as chewy as I like but I liked the fact that they made the pearls on site! Flavour of the brown sugar isn’t as pronounced though sweetness is fine. Not a huge fan, so I probably wouldn’t be queuing for it when it officially opens in my hood 😕


Xing Fu Tang, another popular brown sugar milk tea brand from Taiwan with over 60 outlets domestically and 30 overseas has made its way to Singapore in the form of a pop-up stall at Takashimaya’s Food Fiesta, ongoing till 16th June 2019.

They are currently only offering two drinks on the menu; Brown Sugar Boba Milk ($5.30) & Damascus Rose Tea with Lemons ($4.90). The former was smooth & milky, and went really well with the freshly made brown sugar boba pearls that were so chewy while the latter was very refreshing with a floral aroma, certainly a drink for those who prefer something lighter in taste.

@xingfutangsg will be opening their first outlet in Singapore at Century Square on 28th June 19, so be sure to check out their full list of drinks then. Thanks @melmeleats for inviting and @xingfutangsg for the drinks.