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From the Burpple community

Unlike other obanyaki we used to have, this ‘mochi’ obanyaki or Oyaki has the soft & oh so bouncy white bun (as shown in our knife video in IG story).😍 We reckon that this must be another Hokkaido specialties (the ones we are in love so far are Soft serve ice cream, Royce chocolate, Yubari Melon and Sapporo Ramen).🍜
We grab mochi obanyaki before lunch time when it is not too crowded (3 pcs for $10). They come with sweet fillings: purple sweet potato, Hokkaido Melon & red bean. Although you can opt for other fillings like Mao Shan Wang durian, salted egg etc.🤤
The not so sweet bun with more than ample fillings is so chewy & addictive. Yet we finish them so fast!!. The sales staff told us that it can be kept up to 2 days. We found the obanyaki tastier to warm 2 mins at 180 if you can’t eat at the spot.
Tips: if you just wanna try one, go for Hokkaido Melon filling (sweet but the texture & aroma from Hokkaido Melon can’t simply be missed! )👍
📍 Maruamami-Mochi Obanyaki
Japan Food Matsuri 2019
Takashimaya Food Hall
(3 Oct-20 Oct 2019)

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