[CLOSED] B3 Burger Beer Bistro

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Celebrating a time when the hustle was slower. A place to relax and unwind over a burger or a pint of beer.

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From the Burpple community

Food size here are microscopic, perhaps they are trying to adjust their price to be more student friendly.

Besides serving great food and beer, B3 also does pretty decent coffees. Their coffees aren’t too strong, but are smooth and well-balanced :)

My face when I saw it on the menu: 🤨
My face after the first bite: 😳

A quirky flavoured pizza which turned out pleasing to the taste buds. The laksa flavour complemented the cheese well. Something to try if you are feeling adventurous that day.

Say what! Truffle fries? For only less than $10. A perfect side to order if you are there to chill with a glass of beer. However, personally feels it gets a little too oily when you reach the bottom of the bucket. Nonetheless, a value for money dish if you are craving for anything truffle-ish!

The presentation for this one was stunning- all our heads turned and the table was filled with oohs and aahs when it was set down infront of us. This was my friend's order, and she finished it and gave it her #burpproval. (Y)


I'm usually more of a beef burger person myself, but because I wasn't feeling particularly hungry, I settled for this instead.
To be frank, I couldn't really taste the sriracha in the mayo, but the chicken thigh was cooked perfectly- extremely juicy and well spiced (as expected from Chef Don). That with the addition of fresh lettuce, tomato and onions made this burger a very clean tasting one which I polished off quite easily.
The place was nicely decorated and good vibes too (they started playing karaoke songs later in the night). With affordable beer and alcohol, I imagine it would be a great place to chill and have a laid back evening with good company.