[CLOSED] Backstage Cafe

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * A quiet place to hideway from the bustling industrial surroundings for a cup of coffee or a happy hour buzz. And perhaps a sighting or two of TV and film stars while your at it!

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Feels very comfortable in this cafe with its large area. Lovin' their pork loin, costs $16 as this is their set meal and it includes soup of the day & single scoop ice cream. The latte costs $3 as its set price and you'll get 15% off if you order their cakes. Some said still too pricey for a cafe located in an industrial area but I'm happy with it for its special set price, large area & yummylicious pork loin (I'm not a pork lover though)...


... "Flame On!"
I sense shudders going down people's spines. ANYWAY, the actual name of the dish is Flame Brandy Chicken, which fully describes it:
1. The waitress doused the half chicken that was sitting on a mash potato bed with brandy - A LOT of brandy
2. She then whipped out a lighter, told me to get my camera ready, and set the dish ablaze
The flame of course was nowhere near to causing fowl play (here we go again), lasting a mere few seconds. I wish it had burned off more brandy, because the astringent or "siap siap" alcoholic taste was overpowering and affected the otherwise delicious meal.
Set meals here are super economical, costing $20 or less which includes soup and ice cream, and discounted prices for beverages and cakes. The big space here can accommodate huge parties, but the downside is that it's located in the secluded Kallang industrial area.


Baked potato skin and breakfast combo. Potato skin was cool! Tasted pretty good. Stuffed with bacon and cheese. Nice ambience in the cafe too, with korean pop playing.

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Throwback to lunch before the long weekend began. Spam fries totally on point, bland salted egg pasta not so much.


Pretty affordable and value for money, as with the set meal gets you the soup of the day and scoop of ice cream. Add on an extra $3 for a cuppa coffee or tea.

Pasta was al dante and tossed dry with salted egg yolk. Pretty little on the salted egg taste, with fried curry leaves. But love their crunchy fresh prawns!

The Backstage Cafe provides a coupon for free parking with every $20 spent and also free wifi 😊 Good spacious place to get some work done, but pretty ulu and inaccessible.

However, turns out it wasn't as bad as what those reviews made it out to be. Ordered the seafood combo and Backstage Benedict and I kinda got a liking to it. Backstage Benedict's portion is kinda small though for its price but the Salmon that comes with it definitely makes up for it. Oh and the seafood combo comes with a scoop of ice cream & their coconut icecream is seriously heavenly! Overall, not such a bad experience of dining here and thumbs up to their food presentation as well! 👍

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