Eat your way up to Level 10
Levels, which are based on your contributions on Burpple, will now be reflected on your profile. Level up by sharing your dining experiences on Burpple and helping others find better places to eat. Collect special treats along the way!
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Where can I see my current Level?

Levels are displayed on every user's profile page.

My Level is wrong/is not showing up.

Please drop us an email at [email protected] with as much information you can provide (e.g. your username, email address associated to your account, etc), and we will assist you from there.

Will I be notified when I level up?

Of course! You will receive a notification in the Burpple app as well as via email.

Does everything I post on Burpple count as a Review?

Nope. Reviews must be tagged to a verified venue page and relate to your dining experience.

Can I still add my Review to more than one List?

Yes, you can still add your Review to multiple Lists, but note that it will only be counted once in your review count. The total number of reviews displayed on your profile has also been updated to reflect original reviews only.

Can I still add other Burpplers’ reviews to my own Lists?

Yes, you can, but note that it will not be included in your review count.

Do Levels expire?

Levels are based on your lifetime contribution on Burpple and do not expire.

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• A user’s review count may change with immediate effect at any time at Burpple’s discretion, should posts be deemed inappropriate or unsuitable to be considered a Review.
• A Review must contain information relevant to the user’s dining experience at the tagged verified venue page.
• Level requirements are subject to change, at Burpple’s sole discretion.