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I tabao this home cos it looked so nice. Indeed it had a nice chewy texture that I really liked. I grilled up some seasoned beef slices and made a sandwich using this. Very very good.

One of the best Eggs Ben I’ve tried. Mainly bcos the balsamic vinegar was brilliant! Tangy and sweet, it covered the greasiness of the crispy bacon and enhanced the taste of the lava eggs. It’s easy to see why this is a best seller. The bacon was crispy and delicious. Perfect flowy eggs. Creamy hollandaise sauce. Only grouse was that the sourdough bread was quite hard so I had a hard time cutting it.

They have this in smoked ham or smoked salmon too. Pets are welcomed, with doggy dishes outside filled with water for them to drink. Water not very clean thou. Best to BYO. Could get crowded between 10-12pm on Saturday.

P.S. they have jars of jam on the tables for customers to buy bread to eat with. I know what I’m going to try next!

This was a very sweet cake. So sweet that it curled my toes. I could taste a hint of spices and the raisins etc, but the cream on top was just pure sugar. This dainty little cake looked much prettier than it tasted.

Not a very spacious cafe. A few seats littered around the place but mostly, people shared this big communal table in the middle. Could get noisy when crowded.

I knew I had over ordered but when I saw this beauty, with such a delightful name, I just couldn’t resist. I love orange and I love lavender. And this cake was the best sweet treat I tried that morning. The orange and lavender flavors really shone thru. Yes it was sweet. Much sweeter than I preferred. So I scrapped off the dollops of pure sugar frosting on top. Still too sweet but much better. Also the most expensive one at $6. Their cakes were tiny and this one was the same. I couldn’t believe I spent almost $30 there and still didn’t feel full.

Not sure whether it was bcos of the coffee, but I found this not so sickeningly sick as the cakes. The choc taste was there. Quite a lot of choc cream inside. It was a very pleasant treat.

This looked a lot like an egg tart. I was really hoping for sthg to take the edge off my carrot cake sugar high. Set my bet on this one but it didn’t deliver. Sure it was sour. It was lemon after all. But it was very sweet as well. The sourness seemed to be just an afterthought. I like my lemon tart sour so this really didn’t do anything for me at all.

Served with rhubarb and berry compote, natural yoghurt. Granola is dry, nicely toasted, not laden with sweetener or oil that was used. Lots of dried fruits tossed into the mix, like figs, apricot & cranberries. Pumpkin seeds and almond silvers are used too

9 local bakeries have come together to create their own take on a floral tea inspired cake.

They include: - Baker & Cook - Bakery Cuisine - Barcook - D’Pastriez by Bread Fresh - Dora Keiki, Mugiya - Rive Gauche - Swee Heng - Swissbake
Each whole cake purchase offers you up to 10 chances to win a round-trip for four to New Zealand. #itscaketime #itscaketimesg
More details here > #DFDSP

So this happened - Dukka-crusted lamb rack with tzatziki by yours truly thanks to the patience and well-guided instructions of Chef Terri-Anne @carrotsticksandcravings (check out her easy-to-follow cookbook!) and my favourite partner @riinns who saved me with her kitchen skills 😂 Can't cook for nuts but I feel less helpless now. The delish dukka - SO DARN GOOD with all the nutty fragrance of almonds and hazelnuts, spices like coriander and cumin seeds dry roasted to bring out the flavour (we couldn't stop dipping bread+olive oil into the dukka!!!) - is definitely something I'll be trying to replicate at home😛
And for someone who doesn't appreciate lamb for its gaminess, this was amazing - served atop a bed of rocket and tangy tzatziki of refreshing pomegranate; feta cheese and more feta cheese. Not only was the gaminess downplayed by the fragrant dukka crust and great complement of tzatziki, there wasn't much to start with as the lamb racks from @themeatclubsg is as fresh as it gets, air flown directly from Australia, selected so quality-guaranteed, packed and delivered without going on the shelves and most importantly, never frozen.

Thank you @brettschneiders for hosting us with this fun cooking class at such a lovely space, @themeatclubsg for making it all happen with fresh quality meat, Chef for the wonderful learning experience, @winefamily for the excellent Aldridge Estate Shiraz Cabernet (to celebrate my accomplishment of not burning down the kitchen) and #burpple for the invite!
PS. The kind folks at @themeatclubsg is having a promotion - get $10 off your first order from simply by quoting "BURPPLE".

Good vibe, great coffee and awesome selection of pastries, breads and brunch items. Limited seating.

Served with a brownie cube. The coffee is mediocre but the brownie is nice.

A very good experience with Baker & Cook . 😍 Their desserts is really very delicious 👍 highly recommended !!

Overall ratingg : 9/10

Heated to perfection perfect for the spinach lover on me and the awesome raw salad is so refreshing!

Bot a mix of cakes and tarts to a tea party...the slices are really tiny tho the carrot cake was good but orange almond was a tad too were the tarts...but I guess it's coz I m not a fan of sweeeeet....

Very soft and fluffy pancakes topped with Greek yoghurt, toffee sauce and caramelized apples (hidden underneath). Surprised me with how refreshing it tasted despite being pancakes with TOFFEE! Almost had me thinking I was eating clean ;)

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