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Grilled Cauliflower Velouté, Croutons, Chorizo Chips, Squid Ink

Big Ravioles filled with Homemade Ricotta, fresh herbs emulsion and Lemon confit Hazelnuts

Manjari Petit Pot, Café Anglaise, Cocoa Crumble

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“Les Frères Marchands” Cheese Selection ($12)

This is one of the best luncheon I ever had in the CBD, especially the raviloes was made to perfection. And the intense flavour of the chocolate pot was to die for! We were super stuffed with satisfaction.

Chose the lamb rump for my main course and even though the meat looks raw due to its pinkish colour, it didn't taste anything like that when eaten. The meat was tender and easy to eat as it is boneless. The dish is complete with a bed of mashed potato, roasted cauliflower, long beans, sweet potato and garlic pieces. The garlic can be a bit salty and pungent when eaten alone, it's best to eat it with the meat. Set lunch menu changes occasionally so you may not see the same item on the menu the next time you are here.


Made in-house, the Paris Brest at Bar-A-Thym is the best I've ever had.
While its icing sugar-dusted pastry was all about lightness and a lovely, almond-topped chewy crunch, its filling was luxuriously voluptuous and insanely rich with hazelnut flavour.
Granted I may not have consumed that great a number of Paris Brests in my life but it doesn't detract from the sweet pleasure I derived from eating this.
So glad I picked it from the four dessert options in the $38++ set lunch menu.


On my first visit to Bar-A-Thym for lunch last week, I decided to have their $38++ set menu. Because I picked the Scottish Angus Beef Striploin served with Béarnaise sauce, mesclun salad and frites (that's French for fries), I had to cough up $10 more. Nonetheless, it's still good value considering the steak weighed in at 250gms.
The piece of meat I got was pretty lean so it's not exactly buttery soft but I had expected that. It was however, full of flavour and very juicy. And although I usually prefer just a sprinkle of sea salt flakes on my steaks, the rich, creamy sauce was a great accompaniment in this case. Those crispy fries were highly addictive as well.


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Many a time, what sets a restaurant apart is its service. At @barathymg, the service was impeccable. Chef Francois Mermilliod and his crew made us feel very welcome right from the start, constantly checking in to make sure everything was alright, and if we needed anything else. .

You’d know the credits are real when table after table of French natives stream in for dinner after eight. I would again too, given how value for money the omakase is (the meal can be customized according to your budget, starting from $80/pax). Alright, I can be frank and tell you that the dishes are not out-of-this-world kind of good but they are enough, especially when you just want an easy night out with a couple of friends and feel like you’re having a very homey meal (P/S: The bread is apparently brought in from France! I wonder how it still can maintain its moisture so well! Went great with the Duck Rillette that came with the Cod Fish) . .

1️⃣ Bacalao Accras with Nahm Jhim Dressing - Battered Cod Fish with a side of Thai spicy dip sauce and excellent Duck Rillette that goes excellently with their imported French bread .

2️⃣ Sweet Yellow Fin Tuna Ceviche + Baby Kailan with Cauliflower and drizzled with Yuzu-Ponzu Dressing .

3️⃣ Ravioli with Ricotta and peppered with Truffle and dices of Foie Gras .

4️⃣ The main was the Prime Steak in my previous post so shown here is 5️⃣ Dessert - Can’t remember the name, only that the square cubes were tamarind .

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