168 Punggol Field
#B1-05 Punggol Plaza
Singapore 820168

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11:00am - 09:30pm

11:00am - 09:30pm

11:00am - 09:30pm

11:00am - 09:30pm

10:30am - 09:30pm

10:30am - 09:30pm

10:30am - 09:30pm

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From the Burpple community

Now you can fulfil your fantasies of eating army stew with your bare hands! 😛

This Army Stew Burger from @bbbunsfordays is one loaded bad boy! Everything that you can think of from a budae jigae can be found in here. It was one messy experience but one that was pretty enjoyable. Sandwiched between their signature toasted Brioche Buns were your usual army stew suspects; Luncheon Meat, Baked Beans, Grilled Turkey Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Kimchi Mayo, Cucumbers and House Pickled Radish. They definitely kept my hands and mouth very busy!

The Korean Sea Salt Fries that came with it were great as well. Huge, chunky fries that were full of flavour and crunch, definitely one massive reason why I felt so full after the meal.

To wash away the guilt of such an extravagant meal, we had the tangy Honey Yuzu Ades which were a great palate cleanser and thirst quencher, especially refreshing in the recent crazy heat wave.

Thank you @bbbunsfordays for dropping these off 🙌

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The last time I ordered @bbbunsfordays bulgogi burger, it was an excellent experience. This time, however, I decided to order their highly rated smashburgers for my dad & I. The Double Trouble Cheese Bundle ($38, not including delivery fee) stars two double Flame Grilled Cheese Burgers, and is accompanied by fries & sodas.⠀

Compared to the brilliant bulgogi burger, the DBL Flame Grilled Cheese Burger was a letdown. While the bulgogi burger was so incredibly flavourful it was borderline excessive, these smashburgers were markedly flavourless. The smashed beef patties were juicy enough, but they weren’t anywhere near adequately seasoned. Bbburgers apparently forgot to apply their Secret Ssamjang, and this resulted in a bland burger. ⠀

Also, these patties don’t have nearly enough caramelisation on them, and the crust on the patties that should be there are missing. Plus, the texture of the beef patties felt very loose, and they tended to crumble apart instead of holding together. Smashburgers are meant to be thin due to them being smashed (hence the name) flat against the grill, but the pictures on the menu are just outright false advertising man. Both patties are about equally thick as one half of the burger bun, not nearly as thick as advertised.

Speaking of burger buns, I know buns get soggy during delivery, but this one was utterly soaked. It disintegrated the minute I picked it up, and it was frustrating to eat. Also, I took Bbburgers’ suggestion and added kimchi to my burger in anticipation of a non existent flavour bomb, but the amount of kimchi that was added on was insulting. Really guys, just two leaves of kimchi cabbage? What’s that even supposed to achieve?⠀

Look man, I love Bbburgers and their breathtaking bulgogi burger, and was set to become a hardcore fan, but this was nowhere near good enough. Don’t do me like this man, @bbbunsfordays.

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🇰🇷 DAEBAKK - @bbbunsfordays got new plant-based burgers and boneless series (chicken and FRIED Tteokbbokki ‼️😍‼️) - here’s the dinner idea for your Korean drama stay home party this weekend😉💗

With the idea of putting Korean BBQ ingredients into a burger, @bbbunsfordays is a pretty new burger kiosk in Punggol that offers interesting Korean Smashed Burgers and Sodas.

Here’s what we enjoyed…
Grilled 100% US Smashed Beef Patty, Secret SSAMJANG, Pickled Radish, White Onion, Local Tomato, Coral Lettuce
👉Gochujang Fried Chikin’ Burger
Buttermilk Fried Chikin’ Thigh, Spicy GOCHUSOY Glaze, Homemade Kimchi-Slaw, Pickled Radish
👉Korean Sea Salt Fries
👉Hanrabong Ade & Yuzu Ade
Swipe left👈 to the end for their burgers menu!

I must say both burgers exceeded my expectations in terms of both quality and taste. For those that can tahan at least 小辣, I’d recommend you to try their Gochujang Fried Chikin’ Burger! Other than nailing the succulent fried chicken thigh, every bite into this burger proved to be a beautiful marriage of flavours.🤤

As expected, their fries didn’t quite survive the delivery but not to worry, you can believe in air-fryer miracles.😉 And finally for their Korean Sodas, they were refreshing and well-balanced!

❗️No Pork/Lard
‼️Click on the link in @bbbunsfordays bio to order now

💌Thanks @jacinthawee for the arrangement & Vinn @bbbunsfordays for satisfying my burger cravings!😋

Punggol Plaza
168 Punggol Field B1-05, S820168
🤝Takeaways Available
🚚Islandwide Delivery
(FREE till 31st July 21)

IG: @whatisdigesting

Thinking of what to have this week? Why not do a pick up or delivery of @bbbunsfordays - your korean-inspired juicy fat burgers!

Located at B1 of Punggol Plaza (somewhere that I didn't go until I visited), this hole in a wall concept pops up from its neighbours (the market & a Chinese restaurant) with it's graffiti-filled pick up point.

Apart from a loud exterior, their burgers also screams GIVE ME MORE with their juicy patties and fluffy burger buns! A personal fav and a crowd fav as well is the Flame-Grilled Cheese Burger ($10.90) which comes with a smashed beef patty, made of Angus beef, grilled cheese, caramelised onions & their secret ssamjang sauce! The amount of umami with each bite makes you want to go in for another bite.

On the side, also order their fries & korean sodas (aka ade) to complete your meal! Definitely something worth trying in you live in the North East area!

Thanks again to Ni Zhen for asking us along! 😍

🍴Invited Tasting
🛑 👫🏻👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👯👯‍♀️
💲 $ (out of 5)
⭐️ 4.5 (out of 5)
📍Punggol Plaza

Buttermilk Fried Chikin' Thigh, Spicy GOCHUSOY Glaze, Homemade Kimchi-Slaw, Pickled Rad

The burger was more expensive than fast food burgers but it was huge with thick fried chicken. Even though it was a saucy burger, the buns held up well and was not soggy after delivery. Really enjoyed the flavour combination and it was pretty filling even without the sides.

I had their cheeseburger which was quite good (at this price point) but I prefer their gochujang fried chicken burger.

Add-on at only $5 for fries and ade. Fries came with skin and it was quite generous in portion. Much better than McDonald fries. I liked the Hanrabong Ade too.

It may be 50% more expensive than other fastfood burgers but I’d rather get this.