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BCC Tea Studio (Bedok North)

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Dressing up drinks to make them look as good as they taste - energetic, vibrant and fun!


From the Burpple community

Ordered a variety of drinks (8 Cups for 16$)
The drinks were not too bad, would recommend the Wintermelon w Zesty Lemon drink as it is refreshing. Or try the Brown Sugar Boba w Oolong tea but note that it’s super sweet despite opting for less sugar.

Service wise.. It was disappointing! Caught one of the staff rolling her eyes and being impatient. Could be better..

Initial thoughts: wow such a pretty looking drink!!

Description says it’s a blend of pink and purple with high fibre and vit c. But to me, has been the most disappointing drink of all those I’ve tried 😔 guess there’s butterfly pea and grape with some sparkling something. Tastes too simple for me.

The Winter Sunrise is still my no 1 so far!

Back for my Burpple beyond deal at my fave drink shop!

This tasted like mango and almond milk mixed. Thick and Abit filling after dinner.

Layered with black tea and milk. The top tasted sweet, evaporated milk perhaps? Hubs enjoyed it! Coffee jelly additional $0.30. All toppings only at $0.30 extra which is cheaper than most places!

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New on their fantasies menu this was really refreshing. Tasted like mango smoothie with strawberry hints infused with milk. Love their drinks!!

Winter sunrise; $4.20 probiotics drink with some cream thingy? Looks very pretty and tastes delicious too!!

Brown sugar boba; $3.50. Riding on the super craze of brown sugar and gotta say at least they didn’t disappoint. We really like R&B’s brown sugar fresh milk and this is good too. Not diluted and sweetness can be a bit too much but just let the ice melt first. Pearl wasn’t as chewy as hoped for but still nice. And good value for the amount too!!

Got this via foodpanda so no Beyond redemption!