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Top left: top 1 handmade noodles - dry banmian @ $4
Top right: hong kong soya sauce chicken rice - chicken noodles @ $4.50
Bottom left: chendol from a drinks stall (cuz the chendol stall not open) @ $2.50
Bottom right: you peng noodle dumpling house - 10pcs gyoza @ $7.50

Came here after a 3.5hours hike from McRitchie area to Bt Timah, and decided to treat ourselves to our fill. Everything is delicious but all require waiting time, except for chendol.

Hawker and food centres are still the best.

💸: $1.50

💬: From a new bakery called i.Bread at the ground floor of Beauty World Centre, I honestly didn't expect much but 😳😳😳 this really blew my mind with a nice buttery crust, and a custardy (not too eggy!) filling

Had initially intended to get top 1 handmade noodles, but they were closed so decided to try this instead. The two dishes are from Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle Rice! I liked both and was rather satisfied even though I didn’t get to have my handmade noodles. The soya sauce chicken was quite tender! Rice had good flavour without being overly greasy, and the grains didn’t clump together.

The noodles were thin (think hk style wanton mee) and had a rly nice bite, I liked it a lot! Shrimp dumplings were very generously filled - 3 shrimps in each dumpling, with black fungus & minced meat. Pretty good!

There’s a relatively constant queue, but I didn’t wait for very long. Definitely would have this again, especially since it’s quite close by to home!


This is my favourite yong tau foo, and my go-to when I want a healthy, filling bowl. There’s a huge variety of ingredients, both steamed and fried, and most of them come in large pieces. Some of the ingredients I have never seen elsewhere and don’t even know the names of. For this bowl, I chose 8 ingredients, with soup only (no noodles/rice). I highly recommend the corn which is incredibly sweet. The clear soup is light and garlicky. You get to add as much condiments as you want, and the aunty who owns the stall is good-natured and often laughing.

Well worth the price, came with well charred pork slices, an egg and good serving of noodles!

Kidney, Liver and fish were all fresh

Soup was tasty and had no hint of any preservatives or flavourings.

A legit old school well cooked bowl of noodles.