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Observe the delicate pleats on the turned over dumpling. The filling is juicy and easily one of the nicest dumpling I have eaten. Coupled with the 酸辣汤 it makes a complete meal. The soup ingredients are authentic and cooked very well. 👍🏻 highly encouraged to go and try.

Because my usual staple Top 1 is closed on Wednesdays, I went around looking for another lunch option. 😂 The cooling weather made it easy to go with this bkt! Mee sua portion could be a little bigger, but they were generous with the slices of meat and tender pork livers. Broth was flavourful, hearty and was of a slightly thicker consistency than the usual clear soups. Stall owners were super friendly!

📍砂煲药材肉骨茶 Claypot Herbal Bak Kut Teh
Beauty World Food Centre, Stall 58


I really like the sour and refreshing bua long long juice, but it’s not that commonly found locally. Happy to have spotted it at 1 of the 2 drink stalls along the last row of stalls in Beauty World Food Centre! Uncle was super friendly as well, and he’d recommend you to remember finishing the bits of yummy sour plum!


We got the dry noodles and we really liked it! The noodles are springy and and the sauce was not too salty. On my first bite, the thing that hit me first was the fragrance of the chilli padi and the spice took some time to build up. We weren't given a choice of level of spiciness but it was definitely quite spicy even for a chilli lover like me.

Not bad.

Quite popular here, almost every table has a char kway teow dish/plate

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The dry noodles is from Top 1 Handmade Noodles. Heard about this stall for quite a while but finally trying it. I’m not the usual fan of dark sauce coated food so this was so so for me only but the spicy version was really really spicy. The soup served on the side was potent. The strong anchovy broth...too strong for my liking actually.

Tomato and egg noodles and xlb were from you peng xlb. Had the xlb before so...buying this again means sth right😉 Tomato and egg noodles was a bit disappointing though. It legit had only one piece of tomato and one egg. It was a comforting noodle soup i have to admit but it could do more ingredients.