144 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Level 4 Beauty World Plaza
Singapore 588177

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Reviews at Beauty World Food Centre

Reviews of good food at Beauty World Food Centre

A lousy plate of cai peng at stall 22 which located at beauty world centre. The pork is overly sweet and porky smell is tad strong. The veggie is undercooked.
Fried fish is soggy. I left after few mouthful and feeling pissed and hungry. And it cost me $7.

So-so. Skin is a little too thick for my liking.

Simple plate of fried flat rice noodles and yellow noodles in sweet dark sauce. With eggs, cockles and sliced chinese sausages. $3-4 each plate.

The chicken was fried with much flavour but turned out to be quite tough to bite into. It comes with a piece of omelette, ikan bilis, cucumber slices and lots of rice that goes well with the spicy-challenging sambal.

Fried Kway Teow - $4 (L)
Nice mixture of mee and keys teow, providing texture. I requested for the clam to be fully cooked but it wasn't, luckily it was fresh. Overall not too bad but I still prefer the fried kway teows from the east

Had this from the stall that sells only char kway teow. Big portion with generous beansprouts. Not many cockles which is fine for me because I am not a fan of cockles. Lacks wok hei flavour and can do with more sweet sauce. But hey! At this price we can't complain!

Not too oily, one egg was used for a plate of Kway Teow but a bit too sweet for my liking. Overall, not bad (S$3.00)!

On-route to watching beauty and the beast at lot1 (because shaw lido tickets were selling out at 10am 😞)
Top 1 hand made noodles ($3.50)! We found the noodle a little bit too hard/chewy? Is it supposed to be like that? #burpple

Another memorable trip made possible by Burpple, bringing me around Beauty World, the other side of the island that I would never have step my feet into on my own 😁Food connects people, yummy food bonds people 😘


This is simply the best dry ban mian I have ever eaten. Ate this regularly for 8 years. The noodles are so Q. Sometimes will see the uncle making the noodles at his stall. Be gentle when mixing the noodles. If you get the black sauce onto your clothes, your washing machine will cry. I always have a wet tissue ready cos the black sauce will stain my lips and regular tissue just doesn't cut it. Never ask for extra chili! I did once. Needless to say, I regretted it. It wasn't the tear-inducing and tongue-on-fire kind of spicy. It was the lose-consciousness, who-am-I-&-what-am-I-doing-here kind of spicy. I felt dizzy and couldn't even pant properly. They do sell their chili in a little tub if you wanna buy home to torture yourself. Can use as weapon of mass destruction. Their soup is thick and scaldingly hot. A thin film will form on top if u leave it till the end of the meal, like hot choc. Even the birds regularly target the tables around this stall for leftovers. I really wanna try other stalls but I keep getting ambushed by this one. Not once in 8 years have I succeeded in saying no to Top 1.

2.5 hrs wait for Hambaobao and busy queues at the old stalls since it might be the last day of operations. So, handmade mhk and hk soya sauce chicken noodles for lunch and collect the hipster burgers eons later lor😂😢 Btw, classics are still the best! I will really miss these 3. Edit: Saw the news update and seems like it's xtended but unconfirmed dates? Don't play with the hawkers while you shake leg lei...

BEST CHEAP RAMEN EVER ( even better than M*F / A***en ) not too jilat and thick broth, hand made noodles and quality pork sizzled pan fried before adding in the soup
1. Special Tonkatsu 6.90
flavourful broth but not too rich : fungus, udon / ramen choice ( I chose udon and it was so good )
2. Cold tofu $3 affordable and Soft tofu with Japanese salad white sesame sauce dressing drizzled , yum
3. Tonkatsu Black ( ramen ) $6
flav garlicky broth, with black but not too over oily addictive soup which I kept stealing sips from 🍜😛
Per pax : $7:50
You can grab a drink at the giant level of b2ty world ( tehping / drinks are all good )
You are welcome 😘🤗

While waiting for our Crispy Pork Burger, we decided to order a plate of Nasi Lemak. The stall is located right in between Top 1 Homemade Noodle and Hambaobao, the signboard only stating “Nasi Lemak”. You could say it was run something alike, ANANAS, with a few set options available.

We ordered Set A ($2.20), which consisted of the regular, fried egg, chicken and the ikan billis. As my boyfriend brought the plate back to the table, you could say my first reaction was “What is this?”

The rice, egg and chicken were messily dumped onto the plate. What was more concerning was the measly amount of ikan billis and peanuts she offered. Yes, I actually counted, 5 tiny ikan billis and 10 peanuts. I must say I was disappointed. But, what could I have expected based on its price point…
(Closing one eye, I attribute this to the fact that she was closing the stall and must have ran out of ikan billis)

When it comes down to taste, what more could I say? The rice was sub par, however, the owner did give more rice than what you would say was a usual amount. (Probably because she wanted to finish off the remaining rice) The fried egg was cooked and to my delight, the yolk was still a little runny. She chopped the chicken into three pieces, drumstick, wing and that boney part of the wing. Better than expected, the chicken was actually pretty tender and not dry. Halfway through the meal, my boyfriend did point out that she had neglected to give us any sambal.

Overall, I really can’t complain much as the entire plate was only $2.20. But I honestly wouldn’t be back for another plate sadly.

and their high recommendations to try the Dry Ban Mian [$3.50] from Top 1 Home Made Noodles (#04-44). It's an interesting twist from the usual soupy bowl, but I love my soup so I shall try their Mala version next!

Price: $3.00

🚇: beauty world
📍: Beauty World Centre, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #04-45

Located just behind of TOP one homemade noodles. The amount of soy sauce was well balanced, not too sweet and it covers the noodles perfectly. It was a pity that the wok flavour was mild.

Overall, this dish is decent. It retains the hawker flavour and keeping its value for money.

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