85 Bedok North Street 4
Singapore 460085

12:00am - 12:00am

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12:00am - 12:00am

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12:00am - 12:00am

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this time decided to try another stall as the previous one not very nice. this time bought from chomp chomp bbq. love the stingray!!! finally the right sauce, spicier and very fresh! lala on the other hand is not the kind i like, sauce is mild spicy and pastier texture. seems like bean paste sauce

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Inside Fengshan Hawker Centre are two stalls with the same name of “Chai Chee Pork Porridge”. My parents say the one that is open at night (#01-23) is much better than the other. So naturally, I had to try a little from their bowls of fish and pork porridge when we dined together last weekend.
Although I haven’t eaten from the other stall, I do trust my parents’ taste in food. True enough, I did find it very tasty despite not being really into porridge all that much.
This hawker cooks the rice grains till very fine and extremely smooth, almost creamy in fact. Its plain looks also belie how flavourful the porridge is.
The slices of fish were clean-tasting and fresh but if forced to choose between that and the pork version, I would pick the latter. Only because I love the sweetness of pork in porridge.


Located at 85 Bedok North Street 4, #01-54, Singapore 460085. They have a wide selection of Ngor Hiang to choose from and they just need a min order of $3.50/plate, thats only about 3-4 ingredients which a 2 pax can handle even with their own 2 main order! They deep fried it so well and golden, everything is so crispy and finger-licking good, esp that prawn cracker on top, it’s crispy to the max! Best accompanied with those sweet orange sauce or those chilli sauce with a dash of peanuts! #hungryunicornsg #ngorhiang #ngorhiong #bedok85 #friedprawncake

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Located at 85 Bedok North Street 4, Singapore 460085. Hokkien Mee cravings satisfied💯! We are loving this plate of Hokkien Mee! They have different sizes to choose from and we ordered their $3 as seen in this pic. Their fried Hokkien Mee is towards the drier style, with abit of gravy and not too wet which we love!! Texture is good and noodles are so delicious and fragrant! For a $3 portion, there’s 2 prawns, pieces of sotongs and also slices of pork belly! Those chilli at the side are a must have to go with the noodles! 😘😋 #hungryunicornsg #hokkienmee #friedhokkienmee #bedok85 #friedhokkienprawnmee


Located at 85 Bedok North Street 4, Singapore 460085. Late night supper on a Sunday!! One of our favourite late night food options in the east... Bedok 85 Food Centre, open till late and you will be spoilt by the food selection! We enjoyed this bowl of Bak Chor Mee soup from Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian (There are 2 stalls side by side, this is the stall that doesn’t sell dry noodle, only sells soup). Piping hot bowl with noodles, minced pork and pork balls! The additional chilli topping makes the soup more flavourful and shiok! They serves generous portion of minced meat!!! I love their Minced meat as it’s so tasty with crunchy deep fried pork lard! Noodles is springy and QQ! Yummms! Add this to your late night supper list, next time you are in the East! #hungryunicornsg #bedok85 #bedok85market #xingjiroucuomian #bakchormee


(Night time location) Located at 85 Fengshan Market & Food Centre, #01-210 Singapore 460085. One of the best supper food to eat on a late night! We ordered a bowl of Minced Meat Ball & Century Egg Porridge for only $3.50. Porridge texture is so smooth and it has a little sticky feel which we loved! As we eat and stirs, the porridge will turn more watery.. Minced Pork ball portion is well-ratio, well-marinated and flavourful! Century egg just adds more flavours to the bowl of porridge! Best combination of porridge which warms not just our tummy and also our heart. #hungryunicornsg #bedok85 #chaicheeporkporridge #chaicheeporridge

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Located at 85 Fengshan Market & Food Centre, #01-25 Singapore 460085. This $2 comes with 4 rice balls and soup of your choice! U can choose the soup choices from Peanut, almond and ginger soup. As for the rice balls, there are peanut, Sesame, Red Bean, Yam and Matcha fillings to choose from! We personally love their peanut and sesame fillings rice balls!! The rice balls are so soft, smooth and chewy, fillings are filled full inside too! Super awesome rice balls compared to those frozen ones sold in supermarket! @75ahballing #hungryunicornsg #75ahballing #ahballing #riceballs #bedok85

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Ordered the $2.5 wanton noodle + $1 add-on 7 wanton! Old schools noodle taste. Wolfing down 10 bite-size wanton was extremely shiok. But the boss and uncle taking order mega bad temper. They were screaming and haphazardly pouring soup that splashes everywhere. Food is still good just don’t stand too close!
Stall #01-52 Hougang Ming Hu Wanton Noodle

Wet tissue no have

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Arrived here on a sunday night at 10:45pm and most of the shops are still open, it is still pretty crowded during this hour. The sugarcane juice, chicken wings and satay we picked are pretty decent. Good place to go if you’re craving for some food at night

Going to spend the first day of 2018 with close friends. This is time well spent! #tingzieeats #burpple

Fresh squeezed when order, no added sugar but added lemon. Chilled with ice cube. Sealed and sip. More than a stall selling it.

Sambal petai is quite mild and using plump long flat beans, really appealing and it is clear quickly. Grilled crayfish covered with garlic butter is juicy and meaty. Garnish sliced shallots bring out the fresh taste.


White beehoon has been all the rage recently with multiple stores popping up to serve up plates of ocean goodness. The one at the famous Bedok 85 hawker centre doesn’t lack luster either. At $5 a plate of pure Lala beehoon (+$2 for 4 slices of fish), the plate was reeking of umami flavors. The soup wasn’t too salty either, we managed to finish up the entire plate without much difficulty. A great alternative to the famous soup bachormee here.


😅 First time trying soup BCM. BCM was yum but the carrot cake, satay and sugar cane was pretty mehhhh. Am i eating at the wrong stalls? 😞

The large chunks and thick strips of 菜头 (what I call the white kueh like portions) were intriguing when the plate descended on the table; a few bites on this was a good plate of carrot cake with fairly fresh 菜头s.


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