630 Bedok Reservoir Road
Singapore 470630

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Reviews at Bedok Reservoir Road Block 630 Market & Food Centre

Reviews of good food at Bedok Reservoir Road Block 630 Market & Food Centre

Tucked away in a quiet hawker centre, the sister of the popular Ser Seng Turtle Soup Restaurant sells more affordable turtle soup for the soul.

It's cheaper because they don't serve brown rice and probably use less XO cognac in their soup, but you can always BYO. The turtle is well cooked, and the soothing herbal soup is perfect for a rainy day.

I have not met a happier couple selling humble fare in a wet market. Their warm soup makes my tummy smile, and their warm smiles make my heart melt.

In fact, they practise a more sustainable business model: They don't sell turtle eggs here, giving the baby turtles a chance to mature into adults and continue the next generation of this vulnerable highly-prized species.


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It is indeed recognised on the official德生成山瑞/ website

$35 Claypot + $0.50 a bowl of rice (pictured)
[$10 / 14 / 18 / 20 / 25 individual soup bowl options]
[$35 / 50 Claypot options]

no frills restaurant in the middle of the Bedok reservoir hdb estate. But it was a decent vermicelli salad, enough spice, sourness and "Liao" mince meats, seafood and straw mushroom.. good value... #burpple #foodiesunite #whileimwaitingfortheloml #lomljns #lomljnck

Noodle . Kway Chap

The braised duck was soft and tender. It come with yam rice that was drizzled in braised sauce and was quite enjoyable to have!

From a simple serving of sweetened red beans and shaved ice, ice kachang has undergone several makeovers to become the colorful dessert it is today. It's now the norm to find grass jelly, green chendol, multi-colored jelly cubes, creamed corn, and attap chee (palm seed) hidden within a mound of shaved ice. When we were kids, the best part of ice kachang was the thrill of digging into the ice to see how many attap chee we could find. 

What's there to nag about, hawker centre ice kacang is still the best and cheap. Been having this ice kacang since childhood. Things didn't change till today.

Just 5 bus stops or so away, there's the bedok reservoir blk 630 market.
Here, there's Xiang Ji chicken rice which is really the classic "cheap and good", going at $2/$2.50/$3. It's the most popular in this market so expect a queue!

On the next row, there's the mouth-watering Cheng Fa Fried Kway Teow (back of picture) going at $3/$4/$5. Also, there's a really nice drinks store beside it, remember to order their Teh Ping it's really good!!!!!!!!

Love the pickled vege companion • 🚩Xiang Ji Chicken Rice 香记鸡饭
🚩Bedok Reservoir Rd Market & Food Ctr
Blk 630 Bedok Reservoir
Unit 01-26
Singapore 470630

Nowadays it's hard to find a good flavorful Cheng Teng. But this store Cheng Teng is definitely my only fav in Sin.


One of my fav chicken rice since young! Love their fragrant rice and chili!

Cheap & good handmade wanton noodles that is worth travelling all the way from west to east for! At just $2.50, i can enjoy my succulent wanton dumplings that fills my yummytummy 😋

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Yummy fried Kway teow! Miss those days where I used to come here for work lunch!

$3. A bit too salty as the broth was still being made, but quite similar to SXI curry mee. Quite a generous portion, with good chicken texture. No irritating hums. From stall 1-17, aptly named Laksa Chicken Noodle.

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