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Located in Whampoa Market and Food Centre, Bee Guan Coffee Shop is helmed by a cheery and friendly uncle.

His stall is famous for its orange peel sour plum drink. Don't be surprised if the uncle hands you a cup of iced water with your drink because there is a special way of having this drink. First drink from top or middle of the. Then top it up with iced water but without stirring it. You should only have the dried orange peel after finishing your drink.

Its a really refreshing drink to have on a hot balmy afternoon and good for the tummy and digestion too. At $1.50, it certainly is good value!

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This must be the most complicated drink that you will ever get. You get two cups and you get instructions that you drink from the middle and top up with ice and water when you drink halfway. A super refreshing drink for the hot weather! Technically you pay $1.50 for 2 cups of drink.