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Apart from the traditional and more familiar min jiang kuehs, AAA Pancake has these smaller curry puff-shaped ones. There’s a whole range of fillings to choose from - from the familiar peanut and coconut, to more unique ones like coffee and pandan. Went with the pandan and found the filling too thick and tad clumpy. The sweet paste tasted similar to pandan flavoured lotus paste. Filling aside, the skin was pretty soft and not too thick or doughy, especially when it was served warm.

📍AAA Pancake
Bendemeer Market & Food Centre

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Absolutely delectable !! So far my fav chicken rice ! The chicken meat is tender n white !! The rice is terrific n the soup jus tat gd... Gotta try it !

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I enjoyed the black version n its very valuable as it cost on $3.00 for a big plate of carrot cake.. This stall is highly patronised by the neighbourhood n gets sold out frequently. Overall its decent n worth a try.

From Nan Rong Chee Cheong Fun
Awesome combo of steamed CCF & Yam Cake.
Then added ngoh hiang & egg $3 only.
Wallet friendly.


The stall is only opened in the morning and there’s always a queue when I walked by. I had some expectations but when I eat it it’s just okay?

The carrot cake would taste much better with a few more minutes on the pan for that slight crispness on the outside.

The radish cake itself is actually incredibly bland - It needs more chilli/preserved radish/some seasoning. I enjoy the texture of the radish kueh though. It is firm and not mushy. The dish is also not oily.

1 png kueh, 2 soon kueh (no chive kueh for the day) fried carrot cake style with egg and chilli.

It was a 20 minute queue on a weekend morning. I initially thought it would just taste like pan fried kueh but cooking it carrot cake style is just genius.

Auntie lets the kueh sits on the pan for awhile so there is a nice sear on both sides. The addition of egg and chilli makes it scrumptious. I wish they would have drizzled more sweet sauce on it though.

They are only open Tuesday, Thursday and on weekends.