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Or mafaldine, as its more commonly known here, originates from Campagna , in the south of Italy - the cradle of dried pasta. As with all pastas at @benfatto_95, this is handmade. The artisanal qualities that differentiate Ben Fatto from conventional Italian restaurants in Singapore is once again evident in the use of bronze dies to extrude a pasta that is rougher with far more surface area for sauce to cling to, perfect for the chunky 'nduja and pork sausage-laden spicy ragu that makes for addictive eating(we couldn't resist asking for seconds)!

Taste: 4/5

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One of the most iconic dishes dating from the Renaissance when pumpkins were first introduced via Central America, Tortelli Di Zucca has many variations in the Lombardy region from the north of Italy. Here we have a version in the style of the city of Mantova – silken folds of pasta enrobing a creamy stuffing of pumpkin, parma reggiano, nutmeg, and mostarda di frutta, a candied fruit-based preserve in mustard syrup . It's at once sweet, cheesy and not a little pungent, with a sense of exoticism and an exquisite balance of flavours and aromas that are a festival for the senses.

Taste: 4/5

My very first plate of pasta at @benfatto, and it was a straight up banger. These handrolled orecchiette were on the tougher side of al-dente, but that’s exactly how I like it. Made from burnt flour, the pasta exuded a nutty aftertone. These were the perfect shape to cradle the punchy broccoli rabe pesto sauce, which was luxuriously verdant. As an added bonus, one of my favourite garnishes - pangrattato - was sprinkled on top, providing a crunchy textural component that made an already good dish better.

Taste: 3.5/5

Ultra-smooth and creamy, there’s nothing more to be said about this burrata other than that I wanted to inhale the entire ball, other dinner guests be damned.

Taste: 4/5


The craft of pasta represents what chef-owner Yum Hwa really does, with great emphasis on rare and/or lesser known pasta types and the end-to-end pasta-making process, where everything is handmade, from the pasta flour he grinds himself to the rolling and shaping of each and every sheet, strand or ear of pasta. Discounting the humidity, the lush dining setting is almost reminiscent of an Italian countryside villa's courtyard, and only served to enhance the overall experience. If you can snag an elusive reservation, it is definitely worth the visit. Thank you @veronicaphua for having us along!

Reformatted based on customers’ feedback, the new menu ($120 per pax) has the five pasta courses interspersed with non-carb items. Hence, as the evening progressed, we had an amazing tomato soup laced with olive oil and salt, a really enjoyable warm seafood salad (the prawns and big pieces of squid were fresh and sweet), a thick roll of meat smothered in gremolata (a popular Italian blend of pine nuts, garlic, parsley and lemon zest), and a fancily-dressed baby tomato salad also appear on the table.