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✨ A marble chocolate cake layered with cream cheese, this was adorned with a vibrant and sparkling galaxy cream, drizzled in what seems like raspberry sauce; the pink hue seemed somewhat artificial but oh well... The cake was sufficiently moist, alternately layered with substantial amount of checkered cream cheese within. Surprisingly not too cloying as well, with the artificial but gorgeous looking ‘raspberry sauce’ adding a tangy note. The galaxy cream was a 💯 for its aesthetics but flavour wise, decent (as expected). One thing about this cake that left me impressed was how it’s flavour was not compromised with the instagram-worthy aesthetics, unlike some cakes which are just-for-the-gram that I would be prepared to give up with one or two bites. Though a huge slice, I managed to polish the whole portion off, apart from the galaxy cream 😅 .
2️⃣ Red velvet cake [7000KRW ~> $8.40]
Listed as one of the best sellers, this cake didn’t disappoint but wasn’t impressive either. The red velvet cake in silo was a tad dry for my liking but fortunately with the addition of cream cheese atop and within it did help alleviate the dry mouthfeel, adding a pleasant tinge of luscious sweetness as well! 💖 Though the cream cheese was the highlight here after all, it could get a tad overwhelming and cloying after awhile. Hence I would personally (and highly) recommend sharing it.
3️⃣ Royal milk tea bottle milk [4500 KRW ~> $5.40]
Perhaps the most pocket-friendly pricing of beverages in cafes here Seoul far, which also comes in a glass jar bottle that you can takeaway too! 😉 Perfumed with a lingering, floral aroma, the royal milk tea was fragrant, though a tad sweet for me, hence requesting for a a cup of ice at the side might be advisable .
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