We've moved to 97 Frankel Avenue and have a whole new menu. Expect wholesome lunch specials, kickass fried chicken & cornbread waffles and awesome soft serves.

97 Frankel Avenue
Singapore 458222


11:30am - 03:30pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

11:30am - 03:30pm
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11:30am - 03:30pm
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Durian Softie Pie ($16++).

You know this durian is crafted masterfully when there are various ingredients to juggle with, yet the interplay of taste and texture were on point.
Besides durian, the toasted milk softie is also the star here. The smoky fragrance floats above the white chocolate and gula melaka, and remains detectable despite the strong flavour from the durian pudding. It lingers even after you've swallowed everything. Make sure you cut through to the bottom, and be rewarded by the crunchy almond crust that has soaked in all the above goodness.
Thanks @burpple for the invitation to this tasting at @birdbirdsg, and @fionatingx for hosting us!

Signature Fried Chicken ($49/whole, $25/half).

A little pricey but worth a try.

Definitely a must-order here, crunchy batter without greasiness and the meat is juicy and moist! Our unanimous favourite was the Lebanese - aromatic za'atar spices, honey-lemon and toum garlic whip - absolutely loved the dip.

Dirty South ($5.50/ Ugnut)

Dirty South is as its name suggests - like donuts aren't guilt-inducing enough, this one comes sweet honeybutter icing with my all time weakness of fried chicken skin, before topping off with hot sauce. That's one heckuva of a sweet-savoury donut - hoot have thought hot sauce and crunchy fried chicken skin on a donut would work so well?! These are yet to launch and could work on the texture of the donuts but the dryness isn't as obvious for this flavour, possibly with all the glaze, and hot sauce.

Banamel Brûlée ($5.50/ugnut)

Texture of donut here also needs improving and the banana pastry cream could be more evenly spread but it was definitely delish. My favourite part of this was the brûléed banana, perfectly caramelised with that very faint bitterness from the burnt sugar that one might miss - which I actually like! This combination was surprisingly not overwhelmingly sweet.

Sticky Homemade Curly Fries ($11)

This is a mountain of CRAZILY ADDICTIVE FRIES.

Our side of the table were almost done with it and eyeing the other side's which I politely, almost-shouted, that if they weren't gonna eat it we can help them finish it (thanks for obliging HAHAHAH I was armed w a fork ready to stab y'all ok keeeeding) but honestly it was one of the best fries I've had in awhile!

The combination of sweet and savoury from the maple soy, sriracha, kewpie mayo was so good, and the fact that it's not greasy, so crisp and thinly cut doesn't feel like I'm consuming unhealthy carbs which is bad for diet if you're on one. CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP, definitely will order this again when I'm back!

Berry Pockie Ugnut ($5.50)

This yet-to-launch bundle of joy is affectionately known as Ugnuts (i.e. ugly donuts), but I think we can all agree that there's nothing ugly about it!

Light strawberry pastry cream encased within, muddled fresh raspberry white chocolate glaze, prettily garnished with dried rose petals. Probably needs more pastry cream as the donut is a tad dry, just a little fine tuning needed!

[Invited Tasting] Perhaps being nestled far from the East is a good thing, or so I console myself, especially when a place like Bird Bird swoops in to tempt with dishes for which I have absolutely no resistance.

Like the Lebanese Fried Chicken, which stole hearts with its heady blend of za'atar spice and honey lemon; Sticky Curly Fries – a crisp, comforting mass of maple soy, sriracha, kewpie mayo – need I say more; and Crawfish Mac & Cheese (oh, the chunky, smoked bacon ❤️). What a glorious spread we had, but these are my top picks of the lot.

When it came to the sweet stuff, my spoon turned savage when it met the Durian and Mudslide Softie Pies – essentially soft serves perched on a crunchy tart base, festooned with all sorts of yummyness. In true #BurppleTastemaker style, despite bursting at the seams, we also made room for @fionatingx's soon-to-be-launched Ugnuts (portmanteau for ugly donuts), which are really, anything but. Fried chicken skin, hot sauce, honey buttercream – 'nuff said. More lyrical waxing to come in subsequent posts.

Thank you @birdbirdsg for feeding us, and @burpple for the invitation!

Softie Pie

Favourite softie pies and we got to see our talented @fionatingx at work! Thanks for feeding us with these beautiful desserts!

I love how the different elements in each bowl goes so well together. Honestly can't decide which is my favourite so my suggestion would be to bring more friends and order them all 🤷🏻‍♀️

If you fancy something simpler, the Fresh Fruit Parfait ($11) is it. Not overly sweet, the pretty in pink strawberry beetroot softie with rose syrup-marinated watermelon cubes, lemon curd, raspberries and honeycomb (loved how it wasn't annoyingly sticky!) might be overshadowed by the rest in terms of flavours but one that you'll keep digging into. For chocolate lovers, go for the Mudslide ($14) which comes with a creamy toasted milk soft serve topped with rich chocolate pudding, brownies, fudge, shaved chocolate and I loved the cacao nib pie crust for that extra crunch! And of course, the durian softie pie ($16) that stole our hearts last Savour - think durian pudding that's like the real deal, with crunchy almond crust, white chocolate, finished with a drizzle of gula melaka.

Bird Bird Revised Menu [Price Varies]

Look at that amazing spread we had last weekend at Bird Bird! It's all the way in the East but worth the travel down. The menu has a good mix of everything but we just couldn't stop raving about the Lebanese Fried Chicken ($25 for half/$49 for whole) and the MOST addictive Sticky Housemade Curly Fries ($11)!!

Thank you for feeding us @birdbirdsg and @burpple for the kind invite! 🙆🏻

Best Bird & Grilled Cheese Sammie In Singapore

Finally made our way down to Bird Bird Sg's new location at Frankel Avenue. Went for the good ol' Old Bay Seasoning fried chicken with corn bread waffles. So good! Gravy was on point and best when doused over the chicken piled on top of maple syrup soaked waffles. And I do think we've tasted one of the best grilled cheese sandwich in Singapore! Damn, it was the perfect combination of 5 gorgeous cheeses - haloumi, Brie, cheddar, grana padano, and herb & garlic cream cheese. Salty, creamy gooey heaven in a perfectly grilled crisp vehicle; good crusty bread. The kimchi-tomato soup that came with it was the kicker. Yes we slurped it up even after we ran out of sandwich to dunk in.

Lunch at Bird Bird.

I've finally visited this place that I've heard many good things about, and they were all right.
The food was good, at reasonable prices. I especially love, or LOVE, that addictive curly fries and all the fried chicken here. @fionatingx, the pastry chef here, also whips up very interesting soft serve desserts (not pictured) that were so good that I have to review them individually. More reviews to follow.
This is taken during a tasting.

Bird Bird

Good place to flock at with attentive service, good vibes and great food that had us raven about it - especially the Lebanese fried chicken and I personally couldn't stop pecking at the super addictive homemade curly fries!

Not a huge menu but every dish is obviously well thought out and executed. Also, they've thought out the best beer pairing with their signature fried chicken so yep, got you covered if you need a drink with those crispy juicy wings! For those who want to eat clean (admittedly pretty good, tho who'd do that with fried chicken like these?!), they've got a salad bar. Get them all for a balanced diet.

Thank you @birdbirdsg for hosting us and #burpple for extending the invite!

These Donuts May Not Be Officially Launched Yet...

...but I've already launched them into the black hole that is my stomach. And Houston, we have perfection. Officially called ugnuts, or ugly donuts, these substantial spheres of dough are anything but ugly.

These plump donuts will certainly cause Bird Bird to be rolling in the dough with their heavy, bready texture and ludicrous toppings that somehow manage to work. Case in point is the Dirty South right at the bottom (where else would it be lmao), which is a glazed donut topped with a honey buttercream icing and...fried chicken skins, finished off with hot sauce, applied to the consumer's discretion. Yeah, you read that right.

These crazy creations are the brainchild of fellow Tastemaker and Bird Bird's pastry chef Fiona, and boy were they insanely indulgent. They're so good, you'd have to be mad if you doughn't lay out all the dough you have for these donuts that are so wrong to your waistline yet taste so right.

I really appreciate you (over)feeding us and being such welcoming hosts @birdbirdsg, and thanks for inviting me along @burpple!

This Shit Is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

The ugnut that stole my heart is definitely the Banamel Brûlée, and it's probably the least sinful of the dirty (half) dozen on offer that's been masterfully crafted by Fiona.

Bird Bird's heavy, bready donut is coated in a terrifically torched layer of sugar that resembles the top layer of a creme brûlée which has been dubbed as sugar crack. Come to think of it, it's just as addictive as the other crack, but probably tastes a whole lot better. The sugar crack is much like thin ice, as just a slight application of pressure is enough to shatter it, but with much more pleasant results.

The donut is sliced in (approximately) half to accommodate a beautifully brûlée'd banana, and the interior is lubed up with some banana pastry cream. It sounds simple enough, but this was downright delicious! It wasn't overly sweet, but still more than enough to satiate any sugar cravings.

It's a bit heavy for a dessert due to the dense texture of the dough, but heck, your dessert stomach is more than able to cope with it. However, if there was one thing that could be improved, it's definitely the amount of banana cream spread on the donut. The spread of the cream was rather spotty, and quite a few mouthfuls came up devoid of that luscious banana cream.

Nevertheless, the Bananamel Brûlée is quite appeeling, and it's the kind of dessert that's ripe down my alley. There isn't gonna be a split decision over whether you should order this, because you're probably gonna go bananas over this.

Thanks a bunch for hosting us and letting us sample your stellar new offerings @birdbirdsg, and thanks for inviting me to this Eatup @burpple!

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

So it could go south and into my stomach. While not quite as sensational as the top notch Lebanese fried chicken, it was undoubtedly delectable.

The same juicy chicken parts that you get with the Lebanese fried chicken are exactly the same in the Southern fried chicken, but they've been given a different outfit. More than sufficiently seasoned with Old Bay Seasoning, these bite sized, juicy flavor festivals had a slight bit of fiery heat and a noticeable peppery kick. They may not be dazzlingly spectacular, but this is American southern style fried chicken gone oh so right, and its executed to perfection.

Now, it would be a blasphemy if Bird Bird was to call it Southern fried chicken without some heckin' good gravy, so they ladled some of that good brown stuff into a military style metal cup on the side. It's full of fantastic flavors, but I found it a little thin in consistency, and would've preferred it to be thicker.

And just like any good Southern food, you must pair it with a beer. Bird Bird even has a real slick beer and chicken pairing chart on the wall! You should probably follow it if you are feeling rather cautious, or you can rebel and just grab whatever you so desire. I personally recommend grabbing a couple of bottles of Mac's Three Wolves Pale Ale, or a nice cold pint of Pilsner Urquell that Bird Bird has on tap to just elevate your fried chicken experience.

Now, all I need is a few good buttermilk biscuits, and I'll become so Southern I'd start yodeling and playing the banjo while catfishing.

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