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Sharing our love for American fried chicken, in our very own interpretation, with a little twist of Asian influences. When we say East meets West, we meant Traditional Kopi served with our favourite fried stuffs. Nanyang, and fried chicken, our expression of a new nostalgia.

1 West Coast Drive
#01-75 NEWest
Singapore 128020

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12:00pm - 09:00pm

12:00pm - 09:00pm

12:00pm - 09:00pm

12:00pm - 09:00pm

12:00pm - 09:00pm


12:00pm - 09:00pm

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From the Burpple community

some of the best fried chicken I've ever eaten in my life! 🍗 Get in on this while you can as today (23/6) is @birdfolks.sg's last day of operations at NEWest 😭 .

Absolutely gutted to hear that Birdfolks is singing their swan song after serving up what is considered to be the best fried chicken in the West - and some even say the whole of Singapore! - for almost 2 years.

American-inspired and Asian-spiced, the chook at BirdFolks boasts succulent meat in a thick crunchy caramelised crust with a rich infusion of local herbs and spices. The flavour lingers on both the batter and the meat within, and every bite releases the oozing juices 💦 from the chicken which has been brined overnight for 12 hours to lock in all the umami flavours. Has this got ya drooling yet? 🤤 .

Besides having their awesomely delicious chicken on its own, you can choose to have it in their salads 🥗 , burgers 🍔 and sandwiches 🥪 , and even pair it with their specialty rice 🍚 , @birdfolks.sg's interpretation of 'chicken rice', where you can take your pick from good ol' Original, zesty Cilantro Lime, tangy Tomato Oregano or the savoury Garlic Butter rice.

So gonna miss the Southern grub with an Asian twist at BirdFolks! 😢 But wait, there's some good news!!! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes (you can probably tell I enjoy my bird metaphors 😆), BirdFolks will be reincarnated as @Paddyfolks and you will still be able to get your fix of their signature fried, savoury & tasty chicken along with their specialty rice offerings at their new joint at the up-and-coming @funansg from 28th June onwards! I for one can't wait for their grand opening! 后会有鸡!!! 🤗 .

Thanks @_boyz86 for the kind invite, @rachaelwong for the warm hosting and Matthias & team @birdfolks.sg for whipping up this chicken feast! 🐔❤

Chanced upon this fried chicken concept while I was hunting for bagels at this newly opened mall. Impressed by this meal, as I wasn’t expecting much, given that they’re more known for their fried chicken.

Tender, moist and well-seasoned (the chilli in this dish is rly potent, so make sure you can take it) sous vide boneless chicken thigh which went well with the slightly tangy cilantro lime rice and runny onsen egg.

Yum! Only gripe was that portions were a little small, but that’s not gonna stop me from going back.


the signature chicken and rice from @birdfolks.sg. sliced chicken thigh brined and double fried, paired with garlic butter rice, soft boiled egg and vegetables.
the chicken was tender and juicy because of its brine. the double frying ensured that the batter was extra crispy, and I loved the nooks and crannies that gave it a lovely crunch after frying. the chicken is supposedly marinated in a mixture of asian herbs, but i found the taste somewhat similar to prawn paste chicken which i love. this was basically popcorn chicken on crack.
of note, the rice comes in a variety of flavours including tomato oregano, cilantro lime and garlic butter. each mouthful is rich and evenly flavoured, resulting in a very moreish dish!
I just wish the shop was a little more accessible. it is located at a shopping mall in west coast called NeWest, and probably 80% of the mall is not tenanted. talk about a ghost town!


but I haven’t had wings this good in Singapore in a while. American style double crusted chicken with some local spices.
Crusty, juicy, meaty. All that I asked for.
If it’s any nearer to me, I am so going to get fat.

Fried chicken were crispy on the outside yet tender & juicy on the inside. Flavourful with hints of spices. We bought additional truffle mayo dip (not pictured) and it was really good as well; really fragrant! Highly recommend getting it to go with the fries!

I opted for the tomato oregano rice. The chicken rice taste was strong and I couldn’t quite taste the tomato but no complaints though cos the rice was very fragrant & tasty. Had the iced honey lime tea which was a refreshing way to end the meal!

Overall a great meal with polite and friendly service staff :) perhaps the location is still slowly building up cos we saw most of the units were empty. But given that the place is accessible as it is near the bus stop, I will definitely be returning!


Honestly wasn't expecting much from the sandwich here but this turned out better than what we thought — crispy fried chicken smothered with wasabi mayo, pickled vegetables and corn in between dark rye sourdough. The toast itself was chewy yet crisp, while they seemed generous with the portion of fried chicken in between — the wasabi mayo delivers the punch by providing a good amount of flavours that always edges close to being numbing; seriously shiok as it tickles the tastebuds. The pickled vegetables cuts through nicely with the mellow hint of sourness, while the fries on the side were crisp and well seasoned.