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pasta was cooked in a full round giant cheese wheel partially hollowed out into a bowl, tossing it in the cheese bowl will slowly melt the layer of the cheese, and viola! The result was a nice and cheesy carbonara.

This is a highly recommended dish to order when dining here.

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Truffle Oil Cheese Wheel Fettucine & Scallops.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/black-white-tale-cafe/


excuse the bad quality photo but i forgot to take one in my excitement and had to use a screenshot in a vid) JK loved this one!! the panko crusted chicken thigh was moist and tender despite its crisp outer covering! the combination of the racelette cheese and the tomato concasse went so well tgt + the fried skin gave a varying texture which i rly liked! also, their sweet potato fries is super good (while fries are usually just a side this was really well done, crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle)

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this had the chef tossing the pasta in the cheese wheel for an extra coating of cheese in front of u! the pasta was very generous in its ingredients + the quality of the bacon, scallops and mushrooms were substantial. the fettuccine was al dente too! however, i must say it isn’t as creamy as i expected but i guess that’s good bc u won’t get jelat as w most others ~~~

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this really lived up to its name. the patty was handmade — thick, juicy and fell apart easily! their special sauce was rly tasty, and in addition to the warm, oozy racelette cheese (which they scrape off in front of u btw), it was a delicious, elevated cheeseburger that i’ll defo come back for. in addition to that, the charcoal buns were fluffy and nicely toasted + the fries were exceptionally long and stringy w a kick of spice to it! it was rly such a delight

A long and huge slab of breaded fish fillet encased within 2 soft and fluffy buns and served with a side of fries, the main highlight here is actually the Raclette cheese that’s wheeled out upon order! 🤩 The raclette cheese comes with a piquant cheesy flavour and a chewy, gooey texture that would certainly appeal to fans of cheese. It also served as a great complement to the panko-crusted fish fillet that comes with soft, delicate flesh within its golden brown crisp exterior. Usually not a fan of fries, but these were well-spiced and flavourful, one of the better fries I’ve ever had! 💛 Not a fan of fish? There’s other options for the Raclette cheese burgers too such as beef, chicken and even portobello mushroom for the vegetarians! .

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