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From the Burpple community

From Blanco Court Prawn Noodle
Item 6. 虾面
Classic local comfort food.
Prawns sliced half to reduce the effort of munching it off the shell.
Highly recommended!


We ordered the classic style of prawn noodles as it is our comfort food. We had it with yellow noodles but you can choose to have Kway Teow, Vermicelli or even thick Bee Hoon. The dry version of prawn noodles was accompanied by a bowl of strong flavour soup. It was satisfying. The yellow noodle was tossed in chilli and crispy pork lards that elevate the taste.

Prawns in the bowl were halves and served with bean sprouts as well as kang kong. The fried shallots added fragrance to the dish but were not oily.

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We have seen the long queues at Blanco Court Prawn Noodles Everytime we walked past and we decided to give it a try today! We got item number 1 of the menu thinking that would be one of their signature items, and it came with three prawns, 3 pieces of pork ribs and around 3 pieces of pig tails as well! The pork ribs were tender while the pig tails were soft and fatty. The gigantic prawns used at Blanco Court Prawn Noodle were the highlight of the dish and they have already been peeled for you so it's a big plus for those of you who don't want to get messy eating prawns outside! The soup was really delicious and with it's rich flavour, one can tell that it has been simmered with prawns for a really long time.

Nonetheless, the dish does not come cheap and it was priced at a whopping $11! In addition, as it can be pretty crowded on weekends, you may want to visit on a weekday when the crowd is a lot more bearable! 😁

Fresh and firm prawns with soft and tender pork ribs in a savoury prawn broth that is so hard to resist. While the normal prawn noodle has 6 halve prawns, the prawn and pork ribs noodle comes with 3 halve prawns and 3pcs of pork ribs 》$5.90


I have been hopping around to try this family series of prawn noodle stalls run by different siblings. I found they do have a similarity like having a ngoh hiang stall within their shop but I have never once tried if they were good.

I ordered the normal prawn noodle that comes with 3 prawns (6 halves), kang kong, bean sprouts and pork lard. The prawns were fresh, firm and easily de-shelled. One thing I find myself going around to try their prawn noodles was for their robust and savoury prawn broth achieved from long hours of boiling 》$5.90

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The mix of prawn and pork ribs comes in 3 sizes, small ($5), medium ($9) and large ($11). The price refers mainly to the size of the prawns. I like the soup. It’s the dark brown type that’s not very prawn-y but still very tasty, and it doesn’t have much MSG. Prawns are appropriately sized for the price. Not my favourite bowl of prawn mee, but this is definitely one of the better bowls around. Some of the aunties are rather grumpy, and one repeatedly chased us away from our table.