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Their highlight is of course their intensenly concentrated prawn broth, with that mouth-watering murkiness. But I wanted to try the dried noodles.
The dried noodles were actually really good too. The noodles achieved the right amount of firmness and chewiness, whilst the chili was absolutely flavourful and robust, also delivering a strong potent kick of heat. Topped with some fragrant shallots and pork lard, the crunchiness of these components brought out a delightful mix of textures.
The pork ribs were also immaculately cooked to a crazily satisfying tenderness. The prawns though, were decent but nothing special. It is really a great bowl of prawn mee, and you can understand the crowd it draws.

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When at Blanco Court, find a table and take note of the table number before placing your order at the cashier! Ordered the Jumbo Prawn & Pork Ribs noodle dry with kuay tiao and added on pig skin at $1. Service is quite fast, and we were quickly served with our bowls of mouth-wateringly good prawn noodles.

The jumbo prawns are really HUGE. In this combo, you get three halves of the prawns and four pieces of pork ribs. It helps that they’re sliced longitudinally so it’s easy to pry the meat out of the shell. Hidden under all that meat is a layer of damn good sambal chilli laying atop a bed of noodles and beansprouts. Upon mixing the chilli into the noodles, I saw only red - that was how generous they were with the chilli, and that’s great because it’s spicy, yet slightly sweet at the same time. It tasted like a fiery sambal chilli that gives you a real flavour kick in the mouth, with a mellower ketchup aftertaste to soothe the flames. So addictively good. Almost everything in this bowl was perfection. I loved the fresh jumbo prawns, the sambal-slick noodles, crunchy beansprouts, aromatic shallots, and the add-on pig skin. The only thing I felt could be improved was the pork ribs, which weren’t as tender or fall-off-the-bone as I would’ve liked, but weren’t dry or hard by any means.

Now, the prawn broth makes or breaks a prawn noodle dish, and Blanco Court serves up the thickest prawn broth I’ve ever seen or tasted. Seriously, the bowl of soup is so thick that it’s completely opaque. It’s packed full of prawn sweetness, and is hands down the best prawn noodle soup I’ve ever had. I used to eat Adam Road Prawn Noodles religiously but their standards have been quite inconsistent for a while, and their prawn broth has never remotely reached this level of thickness. Blanco Court Prawn Noodle has taken over the helm for where I’d go for my prawn noodle fix!

Sadly, the ngoh hiang stall was closed when we visited (probably due to the Vesak Day long weekend). I’m itching to revisit to eat these prawn noodles again with some ngoh hiang on the side!

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This has to be the best prawn mee in Singapore. Robust flavours and sweet, firm prawns will surely give you an explosion of flavours in your mouth. The soup was packed full of prawn-y goodness and has a depth of flavour.

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Was tempted to try the Jumbo Prawn Noodles 珍宝虾面 (option 2; $8.80/$10.80), but at almost double the price & it being my first time here, I opted for the simpler "normal" Prawn Noodles 虾面 (option 7; $4.80/5.80) bowl-- large sized, of course.

The ratio of prawns to noodles are pretty off. I had so much noodles remaining (#carbloading) but I guess it was okay because they were good non-soggy noodles. Soup was delicious too. After you place your order, your food gets delivered to you, so be sure to have your table number ready when you order at the counter.

They also serve options with pork ribs & /or pig tails, but that's not my kind of thing. Full on prawns for me! Will try the Jumbo Prawn Noodles next time.


One of my favorite prawn mee stores. Soup is so flavourful and can really taste that the soup has been simmered for hours. Had the dry version, which was super tasty! The pork ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender, while the prawn was just decent, not very meaty. Overall a hearty meal that left me asking for another bowl of soup! ☺️

Note: Location tag is off. Should be the one at Jalan Kayu called Blanco Prawn Noodle House.

Nothing beats a bowl of prawn broth and delicious prawn fritters (Ngoh Hiang) for breakfast.