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From the Burpple community

Well toasted, crispy on the outside. Kaya wasn't too sweet and the melty butter makes it so delicious.

Stall name: You & Me Coffee #01-49

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From Noorul Afra
It was a brisk queue.
The Prata is filled generously with chopped onions, so added an egg for the additional texture.
$2 each.


Peanut Butter Min Jiang Kueh, $1.20 from π“π‘πž 𝐏𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐚𝐀𝐞 π†πšπ«ππžπ§ β €
β €
πŸ“Blk 16, Bedok South Market & Food Centre, stall 01-13, Singapore 460016β €
⏰ Open daily 7am-2pmβ €
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β €
Newly open Min Jiang Kueh stall in Bedok South Market & Food Centre! π“π‘πž 𝐏𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐚𝐀𝐞 π†πšπ«ππžπ§ sells super delicious and fluffy traditional pancake with different fillings, Red Bean, Coconut, Peanut & Peanut Butter. Although it looks thick, its texture is very soft, light and fluffy with golden brown crispy edges on the sides. We are in love and would highly recommend their Peanut Butter Min Jiang Kueh! Peanut butter is generously drizzled on top of their signature dry peanut-sugar fillings that’s super duper crunchy and not too sweet. Best snack to start the day with a cup of hot drink! Happy Wednesday to everyone! 🌈 β €
β €
β €
#hungryunicornsg #thepancakegarden #minjiangkueh #peanutbutter #traditionalpancake #traditionalpancakes β €


From Bedok Minced Meat Noodle ε‹Ώζ΄›16
Tasty flavoursome soup noodle $3.50 only.
A few standard ingredients with springy egg noodles.
Popular mouthwatering noodle bowl, among those who visit here.

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From Welcome Coffee Stall
Traditional kaya butter toast set 3, price at $3.
With hot brewed beverage and two eggs.
Smiling and not bad.

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From New Hong Kong Home Made Tim Sum & Pau
Big Pau Pork $1.70 each, tasty every bite.

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