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From the Burpple community

Very rarely you can get handmade mee hoon kuey outside, and this stall makes a good and honest bowl! $3.50 and comes with plenty of ingredients. Well worth my money! Please try it everybodeh!

Slightly dry on the outside but still not bad. Served piping hot!

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Quintessential bowl of mee hoon kueh. The mee hoon kueh itself was obviously homemade, with an endearing irregularity, transculent, and soft but a decent chew. The ingredients were generous as well after adding meat, with a piece of minced meat in every mouthful. Props esp to the umami broth ad well as the amaranth that soaks up the broth well

#01-52 handmade mee hoon kway

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Dessicated coconut was quite fragrant, but all the pancakes could have been more generous with the ingredients

#01-52 ah guan pancake

Not the run of the mill kaya, this one has got some viscosity and velvety texture. Pancake was the soft and chewy kind and not really crispy, but do have it when it's hot so that it doesn't harden

#01-52 ah guan pancake

Been munching on many of these coconut + tapioca pancakes filled with peanut crumble or coconut shavings or read bean paste.

The dough is stretchy and a bit chewy, not too sweet... and one piece is just 80 cents!
I like to have a piece or two for breakfast, along with my kopi ☕️