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From the Burpple community

Chinese style nasi lemak. Great deal for kuning set at $3.00 which comes with 4 fishes and 1 egg. Other standard options such as otak and chicken wings available, and curry dishes. I am not sure but I think the stall probably closes by lunch. The stall is in the middle.

One of the most popular stalls here. The duck comes with a hit of dang gui but not overwhelmingly so. Be sure to combine the 2 chillis at the counter to make it more shiok!

Full vlog and how-to-make: https://youtu.be/Uq5m60zbTYg


Arrived when the stall just opened and they had a queue even before they could switch on the lights for their signboard. 😂 I went with their Sliced Fish Soup and topped up fish eggs ($1) along with their handmade minced pork balls ($1 for 2).

Not the most affordable, but it was impressive! The cloudy broth was flavourful without any need for evaporated milk. It was a little too peppery at first try, but better balanced after a thorough mix. I love Chinese parsley and it was a pleasant surprise that they add quite a bit in this (so rmb to opt out if you’re not a fan)! The thick fish slices were fresh and chunky, tender with a good bite. Fish eggs were super fresh too, while the handmade minced pork balls were huge and well seasoned.

Queue was short but it was still quite a long wait. Probably not for a quick lunch option but I’d definitely have this again!

📍Slice Fish Fish Head Seafood Soup 魚片 魚頭 海鮮湯
726 West Coast Market Square #01-138


Growing up with the sliced fish soup from this stall at 726 West Coast Market that has no formal name but just a signboard that says “sliced fish, fish head, seafood soup” (#01-138), I witnessed how the price has hiked over the years from $4.50 till now $6, a recent increase in price again. Thankfully, its standard is consistent, making it one of the popular food choices at the market.

Those thick fish slices, could almost be described as chunks, were a true pleasure with the freshness that came along. So soft that could be easily broken apart, and so silky that it was constantly slipping off my chopsticks. But with each bite, the meat was firm and had good texture. The soup was a standard clear type, but so so flavorful, probably cooked as a fish bone broth. As it was pretty light and not as salty, as well as having a slight acidity from the tomato slices, the soup could be easily finished without noticing! Love the coriander that makes the soup herbaceous and fresh.

You can see long queues of office workers during lunch hour especially, justifying how good it really is.

Some hawker hacks:

1. You can actually place your order by telling the auntie how many guys and how many ladies, because they do serve different portions, with the portion for ladies being slightly smaller.

2. Ask for their meatballs, which are not on the menu, as an add-on. Made using minced pork, those meatballs are big and chewy!


Portion was huge and price is cheaper than usual. Tried the chicken chop and it was juicy and tender 😋

They have $3/$4 options available, we got the $4 portion. This was a pleasant surprise!! The rice and sauce were both very fragrant, the rice was moist and well cooked, not dry at all. They gave a hearty portion of duck, the duck wasn’t extremely tender but it wasn’t tough either, eaten together with the Chili, it was pretty good. The accompanying soup they gave had a aromatic herbal taste, very good if you’re into herbal soups! Would give this a 4/5 overall :~)

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