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Is it really hainanese curry rice if it’s not heaped into a messy pile?? Had a plate ($3.50) from one of my go-to stores. The pork chop is tender and crispy, slightly sweet and richly flavoured. Particularly like that the curry here packs a bit more spiciness than most places!

Awesome bowl of fish soup. Soup was rich and flavourful with huge. Just look at the picture. HUGE, thick slices of fresh fish slices. The meat balls were so good and addictive. Wrapping up a superb fish soup experience here.

Very affordable and well priced curry rice. Pork chop was on the dry side, almost akin to eating biscuits. Aside from that, the portion was decent with loads of cabbage and a nice runny egg. Curry was on the sweeter note though.

Super generous amount of coconut milk and i liked that the dessert wasnt too cold nor sweet, it's closer to soup than packed ice lol. The red rubies was still 90% water chestnut lol, so i guess it's quite healthy(probably the least red ruby-esque of all the red rubies I've tasted). Pretty good for its price

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Tasty finger food.
Definitely one is not enough!
Thin crispy skin & succulent juicy meat inside.
Yon Yan (Uniquely Singapore)


Chilli was decent, oil rice wasn’t too jelat. The roast meat and char siew was at most average. At least the roasted pork skin packs a nice crunch. Found the pickled cucumbers a nice twist to the usual cucumbers.