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Laksa ($3/3.50). Noodles (I had thick bee hoon) served with loads of cockles, taupok (beancurd puffs), boiled egg and fishcake with a choice of noodles (I had thick bee hoon). I felt that the gravy could do with a little more coconut milk to give it a richer taste throughout.

Lor Mee ($3/3.50). For the price, it’s a pretty good bowl that’s slightly more traditional in taste and ingredients - fish cake, ngoh hiang, boiled egg, braised pork belly. The gravy was thick and gooey with slight herbal notes. I actually was hoping for that it had some fried fish to go along with it. Add a spoonful or two of black vinegar to give the gravy a balanced taste.

If you enjoy a delicious plate of mee siam for breakfast, head over to Hup Hup Mee Siam at Block 80 Circuit Road Market & Food Centre (02-14) in MacPherson. They do lor mee and laksa as well, and their portions are generous considering how affordable it is. Hup Hup is constantly rated as one of the best mee siam places in Singapore.

Mee Siam ($3/3.50) I’ll head down here just for this. The owner is very generous with the serving. You’ll get a plate of mee siam that’s filled with loads of bee hoon, taupok cubes (beancurd puffs), boiled egg and beansprouts, with some spicy sambal belachan. The gravy had a strong nutty taste as compared to the other versions I’ve tried. And the use of fresh coconut milk elevated the flavour of this dish. It’s neither too sour nor too spicy, so it should be palatable for most.

This is not a famous hokkien mee by a long shot but definitely deserving of your attention. Located in a sleepy neighbourhood of MacPherson at the very old school Circuit Road Food Market, this is a hidden gem that’s worth a try if you’re in the vicinity. Although there are only 2 prawns, you won’t even notice as the noodles are saucy, umami-laden and great with the slightly sweet and spicy sambal chilli.
01-102, Kim Hai Fried Hokkien Mee

Taste: 3.5/5


Soup of 10 items plus yellow noodles.
Less than $5. Value for money definitely.


Despite saying no to the addition of egg, it was added into the porridge, seeing that I was unwell! A nice gesture from the owner!