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Do you prefer fried wanton or boiled wanton? I chanced upon Block 89 MacPherson Market & Food Centre and checked out CCK 190 Wanton Mee (01-110) after reading about them for years. For either $3/4, you’ll get a decent portion of wanton mee with a choice of boiled or fried wanton.

We had the signature wanton mee and added the fried wantons ($1 for 4 pieces). It served with thick slices of char siew that’s roasted in the stall and some blanched chye sim.

I found the fried wanton stood out against the boiled wanton. Fried until golden brown, the fried wanton skin was crispy and filled with marinated minced pork that retained its moisture. The boiled wanton skin was a bit too thick of my liking. I would think the fried/ boiled dumplings would be worth a try.

The char siew was nicely charred and slightly sweet. Being the traditional variant, the meat was lean and meaty with very little proportion of fat.

The noodles were firm and springy without the reek of alkaline. And the homemade chilli sauce had a nice spicy kick to it (the owners spend four hours each morning to make the sauce). You can have dark sauce if you prefer a non-spicy option. Both options are mixed with lard oil for enhanced flavour.

It’s a decent plate of wanton mee but having eaten quite a number of wanton mee over the past few months, it’s not Terryfic.

Fun fact: They used to be located in Choa Chu Kang for over 20 years and reopened in MacPherson in 2016 after taking a short break.

Stall #01-131, tea for 80c. Taste wise average but I decided to burp this because I can imagine the Aunty carrying the drinks and asking "Kopi, teh or me" with her collection of SQ trays. Xoxo, wet tissue no have

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$2.50 fish ball bee Hoon. Time travel back to the late 90s and early 00s where food was simple and cheap. The nostalgia hits when you know you have to save the only piece of lard till the very end. Xoxo, wet tissue no have

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LOL! Finally made it to the correct venue, and rewarding myself with Chye Kee Chwee Kueh. Happy Sunday!

It is great to live in Singapore that I only need to travel for less than 30mins in any direction to find S$3 breakfast.

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The stall that whip up the wet and sweet carrot cake!