From the Burpple community

A cup of simple black coffee that you can sweeten however you like. We just drank it black. Careful because the coffee is scalding hot. The beans give a more sourish taste, but it does its job of waking you up. Went pretty well with the original glazed donut as a reprieve from the sweetness actually. If you have more of a sweet tooth, I guess Bob’s Coffee and Doughnuts is better known for their iced flavoured coffees.

Note they have early bird and evening promotional offers for their donut and drink sets from before 10am and after 6pm!

Bob’s Donuts proudly proclaim themselves as the best coffee and donuts in LA. They’ve got quite a lot of flavours to choose from as well as donut cakes, but if you’ve only got space for one donut, go for the original glazed.

Think Krispy Kreme, but with a less dense and more fluffy cakey interior. I thought this was a great donut, although it was a little too sweet for my taste thanks to the glaze. Then again, it’s a donut, it should be sweet. The glaze is great as well, the layer isn’t too thick. The donut isn’t very oily. Overall, I did enjoy the donut and it’s worth a try, but I probably wouldn’t order it again just because I don’t have such a sweet tooth anymore.

Note that taxes are already included in the prices at Bob’s Donuts.