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115 Amoy Street
Singapore 069935

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Had two course set lunch ($32) with main and dessert. Enjoy the rib eye (medium) with chips pretty much! The medium-rare to medium rib eye is very tender and juicy. The portion looks small but its quite filling. The salt added on the rid eye adds flavour to it. The only awkward part is the salad dressing which doesnt go well with the rib eye. The dessert (chocolate mousse with strawberry) is very rich and dense.

The appetizer and the dessert is good to be shared by two. If you are not very hungry, i would suggest to go with two two-course set lunch so you may share the appetizer and dessert.

Had the privilege to be part of an 8-hands dinner.

This dessert was done by Chef Lino Sauro.

Had the privilege to be part of an 8-hands dinner by Chefs from Tono Cevicheria.

Refreshing soursop sorbet with maracuya (passionfruit) to counter the filling & delightful dinner that we had. The orange cream added crunch to the dish.

Had the privilege to be part of an 8-hands dinner by Chefs from Tono Cevicheria.

This short rib was the bomb. So tender that it was so easy to cut through! Have I mentioned how the love the accompanying sauces of each dish? This pomegranate sauce was sweet & went so well with the stop charred short rib, bringing up the sweetness of the sauce & meat.

Had the privilege to be part of an 8-hands dinner by Chefs from Tono Cevicheria.

Ravioli was al dente and packed filled with red prawn filling fished from Sicily. Definitely one of the better raviolis I’ve tasted.

Had the privilege to be part of an 8-hands dinner by Chefs from Tono Cevicheria.

I think at this point I kind of got the idea that the accompanying sauces were really stars of the dishes. I’ve never had ox tongue before but my dining companion mentioned it was chewier than other cuts of meat. I had half imagined the texture to be like agar agar but this wasn’t like that at all! Sure the texture wasn’t as soft but still a delight to have, especially when seasoned with thyme (I’m a sucker for thyme). The bagna cauda was AMAZING. I polished off the sauce even when no ox tongue was left on my plate.

Had the privilege to be part of an 8-hands dinner by Chefs from Tono Cevicheria.

The grilled octopus looked a lot like scallops so I had a bit of a shock when I bit into it (yes I need to pay attention to the menu more). The grilled octopus was generously salted and paired really well with the olive’s chimichurri which neutralise did the saltiness.

As for the pork belly, couldn’t remember much but I really enjoyed the crunchiness of the boniato & the addition of avocado (because millennials love their avocado)

Had the privilege to be part of an 8-hands dinner by Chefs from Tono Cevicheria.

The line caught Snapper was really fresh & the acidity from the yellow Tiger’s milk was refreshing gave a good awakening to my senses, which prepared my appetite well for the dishes that followed after.

@bochinchesg has the juiciest steaks ever I've ever had in Singapore; imagine juice flowing out with every cut you make! 😲

The steak I had is a 180g Argentinean Ribeye that is part of their daily lunch prix fixe ($29++ for 2-course and $35++ for 3-course; menu changes every week or so - check their Ig page to know what's available!). It is considered the specialty dish of the restaurant and I do say it's pretty impressive and is perhaps the nicest one I've had so far in my homeland. However, I can't make much fair judgement as I have not had much steaks here.

You get to choose chips or salad on the side and I went for the former. There's garlic on the chips and chimchurri mayo for dipping but each wedge is so darn flavourful on their own I personally feel the dip ruins it.

So be it the festive mood or just a mad craving, do check out boCHINche for a good steak and an overall pleasant meal. Indeed, it's pricey but for the quality you get I personally think it's worth the price!

Aaaand on that note, The Fussy Foodie wishes everyone a very blessed Merry Christmas! 🌟

Quite a simple/no frills brunch dish. Brioche and ham were pretty good! Also liked sitting at the kitchen counter where you could see them prepping.

Milk Cake with Yogurt Cream and Passionfruit
This is definitely my preferred dessert choice for @Bochinchesg ‘s set lunch menu. The light and slightly sweet milk cake is complemented by the fluffy yogurt cream whilst the perfectly quenelle passionfruit sorbet sitting atop injects its own refreshing and slightly tangy twist to the dish. Super satisfied way to end the lunch!

Weekdays don't have to suck, especially when you can get crazy value like boCHINche's set lunch! 🤤

Hot diggity, I've been waiting to sink my teeth into their rib-eye steak and watching them grill it in front of me made it that much better. 180g of juicy goodness, the portion was juuuust right and those chunky wedges made for a perfect companion. Think they could have reined back in the salt department just a teeny bit, but honestly, ain't complaining man. 👅💦💦

Not immediately knock your socks off impressive, but it's a mystery how they make the white peach flavour so pronounced in all the components. The sorbet was so smooth soft and creamy it's hard to believe there isn't daily products. Meanwhile the peach slices had amazing sweetness and little sourness. I thought the cake would be overwhelmed by the other parts, but it stood it's ground with the fluffiness and sufficient sweetness. Overall a pretty solid dessert

Pretty standard coconut sorbet. Creamier than the usual ones u find outside and works well with the pineapple. Rather safe bet since it's a mainstay on the menu

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