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First experience with Lui Cha was at Boon Lay Hawker Center. It was good! I didn’t expect it to taste like this but wow, no wonder there is always queue for this. But no worries, the queue is fast. Opt for brown rice for healthier meal.

Wow. This is damn nice. The black sauce was properly mixed and theres the cai poh taste that goes well with it.

$4 with brown rice! Probably one of the cheapest around??? and generous portions too ;-; healthy yet flavourful 🤭 but i guess its an acquired taste too

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pay 2 DOL-lars for this and you will achieve some temporary relief...
I have always spotted a queue at this stall but never did gave it a try. This was until the recent mad heat came and tore my sweat glands apart. I went ahead to buy this bowl of chendol with red beans ($2) this time and it was a good decision. The aromatic coconut milk paired well with the not-too-sweet but extremely fragrant gula melaka, on top of finely grated ice. The red bean and the jelly gave the dish a great texture and once again, complemented amazingly with every thing else in the bowl. First time having it here, definitely going to have it again another time. Perhaps I'll try the durian chendol ($3) next time. For those who love their chendol plain ($1.50) or with sweet corn ($2), rejoice! They have it there too! Its located at Boon Lay Place Market and Food Village and the stall is called Nyonya Chendol and it is relatively easy to find!


there is defi-nut-ly a grain of truth in this tea-eory...
Hakka Lei Cha Fan (Thunder Tea Rice):
Lei Cha fan comprises of a bowl of rice that is topped with various kinds of vegetables. These vegetables all have a strong flavour profile on its own and when mixed together, makes up a taste that is indescribable. It is probably more of an acquired taste as some may hate it beyond reasoning, while others who love it can have it every single day. The bowl of tea/soup that comes along with it is extremely flavourful as well. However, eating this is pretty tiring for the jaw as a lot of chewing has to be done 😂. I love lei cha fan, especially for the crunch to it, and this stall that sells it is one of the more popular stall in Boon Lay hawker centre. Be prepared to queue if you are there during lunch time! This bowl of lei cha fan that has so many shades of green is choked full with healthy vitamins, minerals, and fibre and a bowl of it from $3.50 (white rice) to $4 (brown rice), with multiple topping options available. That was a filling and delicious meal 😁

One of the best stingray thou! It's spicy and fresh. Very meaty! I would come back for more~