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The kimchi and radish kimchi is really fresh and tasty!
We love this place bcoz of their super fresh ingredients like lettuce, veggie, kimchi.
Their side dishes and sauce was super complete too.
But now we can feel the quality degradation since they don’t provide enough side dishes, no mint leaves(my fav), etc.
Maybe bcoz this place is too crowded and buzy now.
But i still love this place most so far though.
This japchae is very very umami yet taste good.
The Geranjim (steam egg) is very ordinary with a hint of sesame oil taste.
For the meat we order : Woo samgyup + 2 Samgyeopsal soy
(Swipe) here is the raw meat before grilled bcoz we’re too hungry to take photo for the done one 😆
💰-/+ Rp 990.000 or $99 (for 6person)
📍Lippo Mall Puri Level 2 no 53-57 Kembangan, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Rate (5/5) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -FAVOURITE-
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