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From the Burpple community

Had a variety of food at the Borough Market. Lively and super crowded market by noon and we had a hard time moving around to try on the food. Love the donut from Bread Actually! Saw really good reviews and i make it a must to try on this trip. Soft donut with really bursting filling oozing out after every bite.

[Vegan, London] If there’s one thing that I love London for, it’s that they have embraced vegan food so tightly. Personally, I think vegan burgers are among the finer specimens of this type of cuisine. The Holy Smoke is a 100% vegan-friendly creation from The Vegan Burger Bar that can be found at a pop-up stall in Borough Market. 🌱🍔

From what I can remember of it, this hit all the right notes of satisfaction - just picture the softest pair of buns packing a thick, grilled succulent plant-based patty, a ton of sliced red onions smothered in BBQ sauce, faux bacon, vegan cheese which had the smell and milkiness resembling regular cheese, albeit like a cousin. 🌚🌝

I’m so sure that this is the kind of food that would amaze a sceptic of veganism and rethink about just how delicious plant-based food can actually be. It is pricey, yes, but it deserves one try at least. And personally, I think it was money well-spent! (8.1/10)


Went in the late afternoon on a weekday (full-market day) and it was so nice to walk around since it wasn’t crowded 😌 Got to try out some of the recommended eats there and our favorites were the cheese toastie @ kappacasein dairy, pork belly sandwich with bramley apple sauce @ roast to go, and caramel chocolate donut @ bread ahead 😋 Didn’t manage to try others such as the fresh pasta and duck sandwich though so hopefully we’ll be back to try them! Just a tip, do check out the market’s official website before visiting for details on opening hours and half/full-market days. Although more enjoyable to stroll around on a weekday, they definitely have more stalls open + free samples of food out on weekends so go for it if you are willing to brave the crowd 😅 - 👵🏻 #burpple

A food adventure is navigating around Borough Market- we even tried spotting the scotch egg stall off pictured we got from the Web- making do without proper directions 😂 (for the record the scotch egg was good and worth the hunt)
Pictured is 1. an assortment of sweet and refreshing tomatoes unlike you've tried in S.E Asia; that is available in a snack cup of £2.50. 2. bread, breAD, BREAD- scored a cheese, olives and onion focaccia from Bread Ahead that was bigger than our faces and could feed 5 pax for £4.50. 3. A £6 toasted cheese sandwich that we were attracted to because of the bee line queue; expensive yet delicious.


All made fresh on the grill. The prawns were crunchy and full of flavor. Topped off with iceberg lettuce and a homemade aioli. It's a fresh, delicious, satisfying lunch. #prawns #grill #garlic #lunch #boroughmarket

The Short Review

Price Range: £3-6

Nearest Station: London Bridge

Instagrammability: Low -
Crazy crowds and haphazard layouts hinder photography. Pray for good weather.

Food (Top Left, Clockwise)
1) Beer Battered Fish n' Chips [£9.95]
Located in the centre of the Market, along a slip road. Batter actually contained subtle hints of beer. Halibut fish was very fresh. Choose cod for a longer and bigger piece of fish.

2) Duck Confit Sandwich [£5.00]
Dripping wet with oil (probably duck fat), the duck confit was soft and tender, completely outshining the super tough sourdough bread and red onion chutney.

3) Banoffie Pie [£3.00]
The marrying of banana flavours (fresh bananas topped with banana cream) and hints of chocolate in this one worked wonders.

4) Boston Sausage Burger [£5.00 each]
Sausages were overcooked but still tasty, with the sauces trying a bit too hard. Sausage patty on the other hand was a bit too soft, blue cheese was faint, and the caramelised onions were way too sweet.

Come Here: Mandatory for a trip to London

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