Botanico offers a contemporary-bistro, seasonality-driven menu, presenting the gifts of soil, land and sea in a cuisine inspired by the natural cycles of the year and by bistronomy. ‘Botanico’ comes from ‘Jardim Botanico’, which is Spanish for Botanical Gardens. The Terrace at Botanico, is a spacious air-conditioned outdoor terrace, perfect for after work bar bites and tipples.

50 Cluny Park Road
Level 2 The Garage
Singapore 257488

12:00pm - 03:00pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

06:00pm - 10:00pm

11:30am - 03:00pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm



12:00pm - 03:00pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 03:00pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm



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If you can only pick one splurge item, choose this! Fresh, sweet prawns served with a bowl of umami-packed rice jam-packed with flavour extracted from the carabinero prawn heads. Extra oomph from that saffron aioli too. So, so goooood!

Hand-dived Hokkaido scallops seared to juicy perfection on topimambur (Jerusalem artichoke) purée topped with briny samphire (sea asparagus). Loved that sneaky sheet of Iberico lardo on top of the scallop that rounded up the flavours well!

Chopped lamb tenderloin (so fresh there's hardly any gamey taste at all!) with a surprise zing from the mustard ice cream. Deep-fried capers, pickled onions and egg yolk cream further nailed this medley's balance in both texture and flavour.

Super moreish battered baby squid to be dunked into that addictive seaweed aioli dip! Order a la carte or pick this as your appetiser (if you're opting for the set).

Got lucky as these super juicy and sweet heirloom tomatoes were in season when we visited and the exclusive cañarejal cheese (raw unpasteurised sheep’s milk cheese from northern Spain) was also available. The default is burrata (won’t complain either way).
Plus points for the pickled beetroot, figs and charred cucumber added into this fresh mix!

The premium Spanish Iberico pork is perfectly char grilled such that the pork is still pinkish and oh-so-tender! The secret recipe char siew sauce is also awesome, one that is more savoury than sweet. Even the sidekicks of carrot noodles and carrot puree are unforgettable! For me this is a perfect dish that I'll willingly pay S$34++ for!
Good things don't last forever though. This dish is only available from 30 June 2017 to 9 July 2017 in conjunction with the annual Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Festival. During this period, you can also enjoy Botanico's Tropical Fruit Dessert (laksa leaf ice cream + jackfruit) and Tumeric Twist Cocktail at a slight discount. Swipe to see more! 👉
To find out more about the SBG Heritage Festival, visit !
[Photos are taken during the SBG Heritage Festival Preview organised by @nparksbuzz]
Where to find this?
Botanico at The Garage
50 Cluny Park Road, Singapore Botanic Gardens, S257488

Wed to Fri: 12om to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm
Sat: 6pm to 10pm
Sun: 11.30am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm
30 June 2017 - 9 July 2017
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You know you really enjoyed the meal when you were so focused on the food and had no time to take photos.

While there were certainly times when my opinions creeped into my writing to places I definitely don't recommend, & many various items that I've snapped but have never appeared on my feed. Until today, I'm really pleased to share with y'all one of the best dishes I've had & stood out above all this year.
I must admit that I've not had too many encounters with pork. Using premium Iberico pork, Botanico has created its own interpretation of Char Siew - a popular local dish of pork marinated & barbecued to a charred, sticky-sweet-savoury, succulent perfection. Almost heart-stopping after the first mouth, where you get the devilish juicy, robust & tender meat going from tongue to throat, dripping with painstakingly refined caramelised smoky balance. The carrot noodles, smear of sherry sauce & purple sorrel are not for show either.
This is one of the myriad of dishes that will hold a permanent place in my heart & have me going back again & again if only it'll always be there for me. Unfortunately though, sweetness of this love is short-lived, as this has been made exclusively available only from ✨30 June - 9 July to celebrate SBG's Heritage Festival 2017.
#SingaporeBotanicGardens will be hosting the annual #SBGHeritageFestival to celebrate the rich heritage of Singapore's first #UNESCO World Heritage Site. During this period, public can expect specially curated menu, programmes & promotions.
🌸SBG's Heritage Festival 2017:
•Specially curated menu, programmes, promotions
•Carnival with plant sales, snacks stalls
•Programmes: yoga, qigong & children’s activities
•Concerts & performances
•FREE entry to National Orchid Garden
•FREE guided tours & talks
Promise there's more, go check out! ☘️
Photo was taken during SBG's Heritage Festival Food Trail Preview, courtesy of @nparksbuzz.

Roasted Pigeon - The pigeon breast was pan-seared till medium rare while the pigeon leg was sous vide. The pigeon was served with parsnip brown butter puree and shavings of smoked walnuts and butterfly sorrel.

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This is the place!!! You see the air-con vents on the lower wall on the photo? Due to the structure of the area, the cold air doesn't get blown away plus hot air rises and cold air sinks. The place stays cool! What a wonderful new makan place. Food is good too. Will show you the food I had here soon. This place is at @thegaragesbg (The Garage at Singapore Botanic Gardens).

I've no idea why this is called Rojak Banana, but I know that it had this combination of banana and toffee taste within which could have work but didn't make it for me.
Still, a lovely place right beside nature! And a lovely afternoon with 10 foodies doing a while afternoon of restaurant/cafehop!

This lemon curd beneath torched meringue would have been more beautiful if these rosemary weren't so sloppy strewn all over.
The lemon wasn't too sour, so I liked that it was more like honey (perhaps the name) and less lemon.
Overall, wasn't madly in love with the desserts here, but it's a nice place nestled within nature.

Hits and misses unfortunately. The cucumber sorbet was so cooling esp at that temperature, and is great with a small amount of kaffir lime. However the lime is way too sour by itself and too much of it was given. Coconut foam was mindblowing though!!! Fell in love with the dish inmediately cos of the foam. Superbly creamy and further enhanced by the lime zest on top. Would order again just for the coconut foam

Smoked farm egg with iberico pork jowl, black trumpets and celeraic foam. A passable dish with the fatty iberico pork jowl standing out. Egg lacked smokiness and the celeriac foam was rather dense

Smoked iberico pork belly
If i have to be honest i was rather bummed out by the portion. However, the pork was really well executed with an crispy exterior and a supremely tender interior. Goes really well with a sauce too which is slightly sour to cut through the fattiness. Carrot noodle was pretty decent as well.

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