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Boufe Boutique Cafe (Tanglin)

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Located in Phoenix Park, blending simplicity and serenity is what Boufe does best – whether its fusing minimalistic architecture with well thought about food elements, or blending strong flavors into fresh modern menu items. Attracting a fusion of personalities, from coffee lovers, holidaymakers, fashionistas, locals and families with children and more, the Boufe Boutique Cafe concept certainly proves their sincerity by bringing you an intimate, yet memorable cafe setting away from the bustle. To top it off, allow yourself some time at the exclusive boutique space by Ohvola, with its overall look blending well with the cafe, housing an array of women's fashion apparel, each piece unique to itself for patrons to purchase. We offer professional catering for all types of functions and events. Call/email us to book your one of a kind party today or corporate function. Or come on in and dine with us! We take reservations anytime for any occasion (except brunch on weekends).

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French Toast (~$17): one of my fav French toasts! Enough said

Ig @goodfomood

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Impossible burger (~$18): imo the patty was too salty for my liking, especially the top and the base, which was slightly overdone. Had better impossible patties so I’d pass on this!
Ig @goodfomood

Tried the Char Siew Miso Pasta (~$18), an attempt of a fusion between Asian and Western cuisine! Fattiness from the melt in your mouth Char Siew added a nice break to the saltier pasta base. 🍖 Pasta was quite mushy and soft though, and could be better having more bite.

Ig @goodfomood

Interesting deconstructed concept but failed in terms of taste. Fried chicken had little meat and the batter wasn’t even crispy. Pickled radish tasted off but at least the kimchi was decent.

One of Chef’s plant based dishes which I felt was a major disappointment. The plant based meatball was too salty with the teriyaki sauce. Although the crushed peanuts added a good crunch to the dish, it was too much and became quite overpowering. The shredded veggies were nice but somehow gave me the feeling like I was having an early CNY yusheng dish. Had it not been for the Burpple Beyond app, I wouldn’t pay for something so mediocre.

Sad cup of hot chocolate. Felt like I was drinking a cup of warm milk with some chocolate essence.