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You probably could find them around Sydney. You could get some bread over here for your breakfast.

Their muffin was soft and mine could really taste the flavour of pear and rhubarb. You also can get coffee over here.

Love how light & airy the texture of the cake is! Almost could taste the fine clumps of ricotta with a subtle hint of lemon aftertaste. The sweet crust pastry is soft, buttery and thin enough to leave an impression yet not steal the limelight from the cheese filling. Good stuff! 👍🏻


Added a side of vegemite. Really not my thing, I’ll go for peanut butter and jam anytime!

Avo is smashed into a rather smooth consistency with feta mixed into it, turning up the texture. Nicely seasoned with salt and cracked pepper


Simple goodness. Love the crusty edges and tinge of sour-ness from the dough, pleased to find a huge piece of strawberry in the homemade jam ☺️

Glad we didn’t miss this place on this trip! They have an entire list of daily breads as well as specialty breads only available on certain days.

Daily breads include:
Large sourdough
Soy + Linseed sourdough
Wholemeal sourdough
Country rye sourdough
Olive oil roll
Wholemeal roll
Green olive + rosemary roll
Potato roll

Specialty breads include:
Potato + rosemary sourdough - thurs + sat + sun
Spelt sourdough - sat
Brioche loaf - sat + sun
Pain d’epices - fri
Apple + raisin + cinnamon sourdough - mon
Fig + Cranberry sourdough - tues + sat
Prune + roasted almond sourdough - wed
Fennel + raisin + cherry sourdough - thurs
Walnut + currant sourdough - fri + sun


With some tasty pastry, puffs and pies to go along with their coffee, it was quite a satisfaction especially chilling outside the cafe in the cool weather.
This Ginger Creme brûlée of theirs was a winner. Deceivingly plain, it hid a smooth thick yummy ginger curd within. The subtle ginger spiciness with dark caramelised sugar balanced really well and was so perfect with coffee.

This Almond Praline Croissant (AUD$4.50) is perfectly buttery and crispy, without being oily. The almond praline filling isn't too sweet and smells slightly of praline 😍 Haven't had such a good praline pastry in a while.
Come here for a solid Croissant and to experience the lovely cafe culture at Surry Hills.