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Not the best thai food that I had tasted. Order the Suky seafood vermicelli. The soup base was not something like tom yam. It tasted like a tomato soup that is spicy. Rate 1 ⭐ of out 5 ⭐. Maybe other items on the menu is better. Unless there is really crowded everywhere nearby if not then I will not give it another go again.

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The iced Thai tea is the only drink that's entitled to 50%discount. The sweetness was just right, not too sweet 👍.I like the taste of the mango salad -- not overpowered by the fish sauce taste like how it was done at many other Thai eateries . I also like the taste of the clear soup. The Bangkok wanton noodle was so-so though.
Overall, I felt satisfied and justified to pay $10.15 for this meal. The original price of $20.30 would have been overpriced, not justifiable with every aspects considered-- food quality, service provided and the restaurant ambience.