Bistro serving specialty coffee and unpretentious deliciousness in a bowl. Come down and have a bowl of a time!

10 Jiak Chuan Road
Singapore 089264

09:00am - 10:00pm

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09:00am - 10:00pm



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Had my lunch at .Elia on Deepavali and the food is great. I liked it that the chef got the flavours accurately right and it's amazing that they can make such wonderful flat white. The coffee is adequately creamy and sweetness well balanced without me adding sugar. Really awesome!

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Under a new management, they now have an extensive new menu with rice bowls and even pasta that's made in-house!

My pick of the items we ordered would be this rice bowl featuring five breaded pork cutlets coated in a fragrant curry sauce. The tonkatsu was tender and fried to perfection but I really wished there was more of that yummy curry sauce which went really well with the garlic fried rice below. If you're rushing, you might want to note that our orders took a long time to reach us (teething issues maybe?), so plan again if you're dropping by.

This charming bistro/cafe has the perfect atmosphere for brunch, from the concrete counters to the natural light streaming in.

This molten lava cake was not the richest I've tried, but makes up for it with its moist texture and unique notes of basil (sounds strange but it works). Wish it were slightly bigger because chocolate is never enough!!

Freshly made pasta with brown butter sauce and generous chunks of Italian bacon, this is one very addictive bowl of pasta. Its flavourful, rich in taste and definitely draws the attention of your taste buds. .Elia certainly has pretty good culinary skills but service speed needs loads of improvement. You can head down for some good affordable food provided you have a lazy afternoon to spend there...


First time visiting .Elia at Jiak Chuan Street in the Keong Saik area and it was great! We had Spice Girls (handmade linguine with curry sauce and grilled chicken) and Three Little Pigs upsized (pork katsu with curry sauce, cabbage, plus add-ons). The linguine was al dente and the grilled chicken was perfectly seasoned to complement the curry sauce. My partner absolutely loved his katsudon. The staff were lovely as well. Would definitely recommend this place, as we had the best cafe experience here, in Singapore. Far better food served as compared to most cafes. Will be back to have more for sure!! 😛


Elia is a new bistro cafe near Keong Siak at Jiak Chuan.
Didn't have intention to take carbs, but since it was handmade pasta, I couldn't resist.
Not too bad at all, good bite, robust sauce, juicy meatballs.
They roast their own coffee. Think the menu can be expanded with lighter bites.

Taking over the grounds of long defunct Oriole Coffee Roasters on Jiak Chuan Road, .elia has joined the Keong Saik neighbourhood to dish out comforting bistro plates in a chic yet very welcoming and soothing setting. On the menu currently are freshly made pastas and hearty sandwiches. Come by for lunch and tuck into their Pulled Pork Sandwich ($17.50), which sees flavourful and moist pork slicked in Russian dressing, sandwiched with purple slaw between sourdough toast, or go for one of the pastas — the Scampi ($18.50) with grilled prawns, pink peppercorns and tomatoes sounds fresh and lovely. Add on $1 for the sandwich set, which includes a hot coffee or tea, or $2 for the pasta set, which includes a mini bowl of salad and hot coffee or tea. The Burpple community is also raving about their simply named Potatoes ($16), a brunch only dish of grilled potatoes on mashed potatoes, peppered with bacon and caramelised onions, and a fried egg on top. The brunch menu is available on Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua


Finca Himalayan blend. Nice and easy to drink. Not overly acidic, mild chocolaty flavour. I could have 5 cups of this in a sitting.


A great brunch dish that is just superb. The stars of the dish: grilled potatoes, achieve a fine balance with the bacon caramelized with onions. Ontop of a bed of mash potatoes, it is a hearty meal that's smart yet welcoming. A dish I will come back to eat.


The Big breakfast, available on their brunch menu, is superior to other offerings from other cafes. Perfectly sauteed mushrooms paired with pork belly and tomatoes, a homemade bread topped with egg completed this sumptuous meal. ($19) I wished there were more vegetables, but I can sing nothing but praises for this.

This Cafe's chill ambience with it's superior menu, has won a loyal, returning customer.

To make a real good filtered coffee is by no means an easy feat. The Gishubi beans from Africa is fruity yet light and easy, absent is the astringency of most local coffees, making this a welcoming, pleasant coffee.

With it's chill ambience and superior menu, this cafe has found a loyal, returning customer.


According to the folks at .elia, they do source for their own coffee beans and roast the coffee beans by themselves. The Flat White here is brewed using beans of Himalayan origin — a rather smooth and creamy cuppa that carried a light body which serves as a rather soothing and easy-to-drink cup of coffee with the food.

Apart from pasta, .elia also serves up a variety of sandwiches. Pulled pork, Russian Dressing and Rocket in between slices of Sourdough toast, the pulled pork wasn't overly wet and was actually pretty flavorful without carrying a porky stench. The Russian Dressing adds a dimension of creaminess to the pulled pork, while enhancing the overall flavours by adding a tangy, somewhat spiced flavour to the sandwich. The rocket helps to cut through the creaminess and meatiness, providing a refreshing crunch that helps balances everything that is going on in between the slices of crusty toast.

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