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Had a chance to go for the distillery tour and it was such an interesting experience learning about the roots of this distillery and how gin is made.

The tour comes with a welcome drink, that is mainly using calamansi juice and their very own dry gin. Absolutely loved the flavours coming from this cup, as it is tangy, refreshing and beautiful herbal taste of the gin makes this very pleasant.

The tour also comes with a tasting flight, with 3 of their gins. With the Singapore dry gin being herbally, butterfly pea being florally and the pahit pink being spicy and smoky, we loved butterfly pea the best. Paired with just tonic, it's extremely smooth and pleasant, with the floral flavours coming through strong.

With such beautiful vibes and service, I can really see myself coming back to have good gins and fun times with friends and loved ones. Will be back again!

Gin Tasting at @brassliondistillery

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This Earl grey gin was fantastic! Using their signature Singapore Dry Gin, infused with Earl grey tea - fragrant, incredibly refreshing and so easy to drink. A pity they don’t sell it bottled, would’ve love to bring one home if they did.

Went for a gin tasting but this off the tasting menu was our favourite of the night

If only they sold this bottled!

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One of the most unique gin flavours that I fancied was their Earl Grey G&T (S$16.00). Infused with Earl Grey, the Singapore Dry Gin made by Brass Lion Distillery was paired with Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic and garnished with dehydrated lemon slice and lemon balm.

I felt like I was drinking a tea cocktail, but the flavours remained refreshing with distinct notes of citrus, floral and bergamot. My only gripe about this was that it was good yet the gin was not available for retail.

If not for a complimentary pass for this Guided Gin Tasting Experience, I would have not have known that we have a gin distillery in Singapore that also provided these educational experiences to gin and alcohol enthusiasts.

The activity started off with a short introduction of the company and their aspirations in producing gin with a touch of local flavours. This was followed by a good sip of each of the gin that were lined up nicely in front of me, neat, with paired tonic water and then with recommended garnishes (all prepared nicely on the wooden tray). And when everything was tried, we would get to choose to get a whole glass of gin and tonic to end off the session…… for now.

But of course, because everyone’s palates would be quite different, it would be fully understandable that their preferences would differ too. Rather than saying what I would really recommend, I would strongly advise to sit through this guided session just to try the best of our local produce.

Prior booking would be required for this experience, and I would suggest to those interested to ask someone who would be as interested to tag along for the best appreciation.