We Love Good Coffee, Hearty Sandwiches & Great Company. If you fancy a gentler pace away from the hustle & bustle, visit us and spend a slow afternoon while you indulge in a good cup of coffee, just the way you like it. Unpretentious, complete chill out & relaxation. That's how we like it, and you?

100 Guillemard Road
#01-02 Singpore Badminton Hall
Singapore 399718

09:30am - 06:00pm

09:30am - 06:00pm


08:30am - 06:00pm

08:30am - 06:00pm

08:30am - 06:00pm

08:30am - 06:00pm



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Simple and decadent especially as you poke through those eggs and let it flow before eating it with that melted cheese crust. Served with smoked salmon and salad, I had my greens upgraded to a bigger portion replacing the avocado that you normally see in other photos.
Brawn & Brains
Address: 100, Guillemard Road, Unit 01-02, Singapore 399718

The molten eggs with smoked salmon, avocado and melted cheese was amazing! At $16.80, you will not be disappointed. Their coffee was good too.

Introduced my niece and her dad to the Molten Eggs here last week and they gave it their thumbs-up too.
Always immaculately presented, the plateful of cheese-blanketed baked eggs, smoked salmon, avocado, baby tomatoes and green salad is a pleasure to eat because of the little touches that go into it, like how the avocado is so neatly sliced each and every time. The mix and balance of flavours are really good too.

Heard that we have to wait for 30mins for the food which was a bit shocking for us. The food came 15 mins after we ordered which is actually acceptable. The oven baked molten eggs is just nice and goes well with avocado and salmon. I took hot chocolate this time but wish it could be a little bit thicker and less milky.

Single origin or house blend coffee? Both are great in their own way with strong aroma and good body.

Oven baked molten eggs are cooked just right. The cheese wrapping the eggs are addictive and goes well with the sides of avocados and smoked salmon.

The open face toast with bacon is perfect with the freshly diced green apple with sesame seeds, giving the meal a refreshing balance as you chomp through the bacon. What’s most surprising is the FRESH green peas. It’s like edamame but smaller. You’ll probably never want to eat frozen peas again.

Overall a hearty and honest brunch, better than most you find on our tiny island.

This dish is awesome for eggs lovers! The oven baked eggs with melted cheese goes really well together and it makes you dig in for more. I also liked it that there's smoked salmon, avocado as sides because it creates a healthy balance from an otherwise cholesterol rich dish.

For the entire review of my visit to Brawn & Brains, visit http://bluntandfussyeater.blogspot.sg/2017/10/brawn-brains.html?m=1

Really love this hearty breakfast...molten eggs with cheese is baked to perfection. Delicious spinach, smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes and avocado 😋😋😋. Topped up with toast to complete it! 🍳🍅🥑🍞

After two not-so-successful attempts at visiting this popular brunch spot along Guillemard Road, I finally got down to trying the mains. Thus I couldn’t avoid the customary order of Brawn & Brains Oven Baked Molten Eggs with a side of Smoked Salmon, Avocado and Melted Cheese ($16.80).

Certainly an eggcellent start to the day! Comforting and a foolproof brunch item, you just can’t go wrong with a generous soft cheesy blanket over runny oozy eggs and smoked salmon added in the mix. What’s more having a good balance of greens with spinach and millennials’ favourite - avocado. Meant to be shared, portion is also substantial and made hearty.

Only available on weekends, this is one joyful brunch plate that easily pleases the eyes, tastebuds and pocket (it costs only $14.90 nett!) 😄
Let me break it down for you. What you get is a VERY thick and fluffy brioche topped with sliced tomatoes and melted cheese. The crispy bacon I picked (you can opt for smoked salmon if preferred) is heaped on top of it. Alongside those are a wobbly slow-cooked egg, chargrilled sweet corn and a Japanese-influenced salad of mixed leaves, tiny cubes of apples and sesame seeds. As I am a bit mad for avocado, I got it as an add-on for $3 more.

In contrast to their popular "Molten Eggs", this dish incorporates the element of subtle sweetness which is marvelously refreshing. I find the combination of flavours here totally spot-on 😋😋 .

Single origin from São Paolo, Brazil, given the platforms of mocha and cappuccino to sing. And sing it did, in all its nutty, chocolatey and nougat-y glory.

This cafe was surprisingly busy despite it's location (went on a weekend). Slight Australian cafe vibes there ✨

Since it was my first time there, I tried their highly recommended oven-baked molten eggs with melted cheese. It was pretty good, tasted light but still relatively well-seasoned. Of course, you'd have to finish it before the eggs cool off because you'd be nibbling on hardened cold cheese. The dish would have been a better one if served with a slice of artisan bread to soak up the yolk. Without it, the combination of yolk and avocados was a little odd.

If you prefer something light to go with your cuppa, don't hesitate to grab a croissant or any other pastries because they are pretty darn amazing.

Recommendations: earl grey croissant & cinnamon roll. SO GOOD.

Note: Coffee was decent, not extraordinary.

Was pretty skeptical about their limited food menu but bam, this is worth a pleasant shout-out. Baked eggs with cheese, avo, smoked salmon ($16.80) with tortilla nestled at the bottom, this dish is done with pride cos the avos are ripe (basics that many cafes neglect) and the spice on the top is necessary, mozzarella is subtle and very delightful. ALL the elements just complement one another to create a wholesome dish. Bravo. Not bias at all but the sandwiches were pretty A* too. Simple ingredients, so minimalist but 10/10. White cold brew had mild sweet tones which I enjoyed very much!

My new favourite! when I come here the next time, was recommended by the lovely lady at the counter to order the pastrami. Was deciding between the beef pastrami or the pepperoni, I usually order the grilled chicken and avocado when I eat here.

Drinks wise I think I'll still stick to my favourite cappuccino, one of the best I've had is from Brawn and brains.

Yet another addition to their Finnish bread selection at Brawn & Brains Coffee. This fits well for peckish appetites, considering how the Pikku Pulla is sized smaller than the other Pulla/buns here, though it's texturally firmer than the buns due to the braiding of the bread. Carrying a hint of cinnamon and a sprinkle of sugar, the Pikku Pulla is a great item to pair with a cup of coffee by the side — much like all their croissants/cake/breads that I have to order whenever I am here.

Abandoned my usual orders today as I ventured into unexplored territory of @brawn_and_brains' Beef Pastrami Sandwich.
The huge portion (there're 4 sandwiches on that plate) and mini mountain of potato chips means this can be shared satisfactorily between two people (if they don't have ginormous appetites). And lest you think it is just about size, let me assure you, the taste is right up there as well.
I chose to replace the default baguette with whole wheat bread for $1.50 more. Between those lightly-toasted slices were moist beef pastrami, mixed lettuce, fresh tomatoes and some sundried tomatoes - all held lightly together by gooey melted cheese.
Tasty and very filling, I wouldn't mind having this again when I feel like a break from my favourites - the Curried Chicken Wrap and Molten Eggs.

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