Brawn & Brains Coffee (Guillemard)

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We Love Good Coffee, Hearty Sandwiches & Great Company. If you fancy a gentler pace away from the hustle & bustle, visit us and spend a slow afternoon while you indulge in a good cup of coffee, just the way you like it. Unpretentious, complete chill out & relaxation. That's how we like it, and you?

100 Guillemard Road
#01-02 Singpore Badminton Hall
Singapore 399718

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08:30am - 06:00pm

08:30am - 06:00pm

08:30am - 06:00pm

08:30am - 06:00pm

09:30am - 06:00pm

09:30am - 06:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Savoured Brawn & Brains’ latest offerings which had been recently introduced during the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) period — the Chocolate Babka Loaf being a new item introduced to their menu available only for pre-orders on their website.

Not the first Chocolate Babka I have had — the first being a loaf probably half its size from The Bakehaus (speaking of which, it’s probably time to head down soon for revisit again), and then subsequently a slice from Mad Roasters at Amoy Street Food Centre (they had also recently opened another branch within Kipos Gourmet at their Joo Chiat Road outlet), so I was quite stoked about this one. Slicing it down and one would reveal its interior that is beautifully swirled with chocolate and hazelnuts within, while the bread comes with sugary bits sprinkled over the top — the same ones that adorn their breads like the Korvapuusti (i.e. Finnish Cinnamon Bun) that they have been serving for quite a while now. The bread has a brilliant texture — it’s fluffiness is comparable to an aptly airy sponge cake, though still maintaining its firmness and structural integrity like a proper brioche; not too dense but not too soft or airy either. The beautiful swirls of melted chocolate gives a rich bittersweetness, while the hazelnuts here give a good crunch — the same way like the toasted hazelnuts do for their Dark Chocolate/Earl Grey Croissants.

Whilst being a newly-introduced item, the Chocolate Babka Loaf is one that also evokes familiar vibes of their old favourites, especially with the use of common elements that brings that warm and fuzzy Brawn & Brains feel to the Chocolate Babka Loaf. The Chocolate Babka Loaf costs $16 — good to be shared with amongst a family, but those who are looking for something to have individually, they do also offer a Babka Twist with Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts that is available for delivery, takeaway or self pick-up without the need to pre-order. Looking forward to the lifting of the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) measures soon — can’t wait to return to spend my weekends while dining-in here again (whilst adhering to social distancing and other precautions, of course)!

For the longest time, the cheese-smothered, oven-baked Molten Eggs was one of our go-to items at @brawn_and_brains’ Guillemard outlet. It was awesome to revisit it today, and discover that the all-day dish is as meticulously presented and deeply satisfying as ever.
Slice through the blanket of melted cheese for the yolks resting on a base of tortilla to escape and conquer the terrain with their runny rich gold. Then savour that delectable mess with the rolls of smoked salmon, sliced avocado (somehow, #brawnandbrainscoffee’s is always so perfect in ripeness it triggers tears of joy), sweet baby tomatoes and tasty mixed salad - each a flawless element in this stunning edible universe on a plate. There never used to be toasted sourdough served alongside but I’m sure this inclusion has been warmly welcomed by those with extremely hearty appetites.

This was just such a good meal and honestly , for half an avocado , all those smoked salmon , cherry tomatoes and cheezy eggs , this is a really decent priced item at under $18 .

Thought I have tried ‘em all donuts from Brawn & Brains, but they seemed to have introduced a Strawberry Jam Donut in more recent times which usually is more of a pre-order exclusive (much like their Pandan Kaya and Lemon Curd Donuts which a friend had kindly ordered for me to try some time back). So one can imagine the joy when I actually found the Strawberry Jam Donuts lurking around in the display shelf hanging out with fellow Cinnamon Spice and Classic Sugar Donuts.

The donut features the same familiar fluffy and pillowy soft bread that isn’t particularly greasy — liked how their rendition always remains light and easy to eat without being dense nor heavy. Lightly dusted with sugar on the exterior, the donut comes filled with strawberry jam — something very similar to the one that they serve up with their pancakes at their East Coast branch that is surprisingly zippy and it not particularly sweet. A treat for those who prefer their breads to be not so much of the sweet sort; also something which I will also go for the next time I come across these donuts on display!

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A spot that I can say that I have been returning to every week, but it is still a rare occasion when I find myself sharing a main here instead of just having the pastries here — after all, there are mains such as the Curried Chicken Wrap and the Oven Baked Molten Eggs on Tortilla and Melted Cheese that I have been craving for, but there are always plans to have something else after the visit here.

Sounding like a rather simple dish that can be easily assembled by most in their kitchen, this also a dish that exemplifies the philosophy behind Brawn & Brains — their food always comes simple, but well-executed without being over-the-top; just straight up comforting brunch fare that warms the soul. The open face toast here comes with melted cheese over the top; stretchy and savoury, whilst complimenting the crusty and rustic slice of toast beneath it. Cherry tomatoes can be found hiding in the midst of the melted cheese — perhaps an attempt to use its zestiness to cut through the cheesiness and the carbs. Topped off with grilled bacon, the grilled bacon carries a hint of saltish flavour typical of cured meat, alongside an evident smokiness that I so ever love about their bacon here — absolutely sinful yet delicious; very few other establishments does their bacon this way. The Onsen Egg comes with a satisfying jiggle and a molten egg yolk; one could choose to dab it on the toast, or pair it with the garden salad if they so wish to that gives the salad a luscious texture and an eggy flavour, while the edamame is something that provides for a more wholesome feel for those with bigger appetites.

I think I have said enough over the years, but every visit that I have their mains and I would say that I have been neglecting their hot food offerings for quite a bit — the stuff here feels great to revisit for something I know will be satisfying, and especially rewarding to have after going around many other establishments be it cafes, bistro, restaurants and hawkers to just try what others have to offer. Reminds me that I have still yet to try the Fried Chicken Burger that is only available at their East Coast Road outlet!


Headed to the favourite place yet again for the morning coffee and spied a familiar pastry with a different hue — not sure if this is one of their Christmas specials available for just a limited period, but the Raspberry Glaze & Pistachios Croissant’s pink-coloured aesthetic is something that is difficult to miss.

Pretty similar to their Earl Grey Croissant that I almost seemingly have every time that I am here, the Raspberry Glaze with Pistachios Croissant sees the basic croissant topped off with a sugary glaze and nuts — the raspberry glaze provides a slight tartness on top of the usual sweetness, while the pistachios help to add a slight saltish nuttiness that gives the croissant an interesting contrast of flavours. Yet another pastry that I am getting here — while it lasts, that is.