Bread Yard

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  • Beyond: 1-for-1 Main Dish (save ~$14)
  • Casual space, wood furniture, good for small groups
  • Satisfying cafe fare in One North
  • Shakshuka, Pull Pork Eggs Benedict, Steak & Egg Bowl

1 Fusionopolis Place
#01-23/24 Galaxis
Singapore 138522

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08:00am - 06:00pm

08:00am - 06:00pm

08:00am - 05:00pm


08:00am - 06:00pm

08:00am - 06:00pm

08:00am - 06:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Eat simi: Almond Croissant
Each how much: $4.50
Eat which store: Bread Yard
Eat where: 1 Fusionopolis Pl, 01 - 23 / 24 Galaxis, Singapore 138522
Eat nice not: 4.3/5
I was welcomed immediately with the passionate crackles of the perfect morning when I first bit into it! ❤️ Of all the almond croissants I’ve had so far, I felt that this was one of the more buttery ones! Pretty enjoyed the fragrant sweetness concealed in every bite, especially because of the almond frangipane on top and within the croissant. 😚 Toasting it definitely provided bread yard’s already extra-nutty almond flakes another level of aromatic umami with extra nuttiness. 🤯
The almond croissant from bread yard is evidently dense as seen from the more levelled cross-section. Definitely depends on your preference too — on whether you prefer croissants with well separated honeycombs or flatter ones.
If you’re one who prefers more almond > croissant, bread yard is THE ONE for you!! They are kinda humongous too so it will fill you up till you BABA! 🤩
And definitely my bad, I over-toasted the sides so yes, it’s chaoda-ed. 😔 Many apologies to the bakers of breadrack!!

eggs benny here is a MUST get. i always order the same thing. smoked salmon bagel is alright. for a bread shop the bagel isn’t that good but the fillings were fine

in my free time i think about bread yards pulled pork eggs benny. it’s very good and at what cost? $14+; cheap brunch fix. do yourself a favour and skip the steak bowl. i don’t have one good thing to say about it. beef was too tough and kinda dry. this was more than a year ago and i still remember it all too well. the highly raved breadstick tasted lowkey stale to me idk.

Throwback: Great service, great food... Truly enjoyed my dining experience @breadyard. Better to arrive before 11am as the queue’s already forming right from the start.

Thank you staffs for the pleasant cafe food experience that was really warm and hospitable! Definitely will be heading back for a re-visit again 😁

1️⃣ Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict ($14)
2️⃣ Mushroom Truffle Alfredo ($16)
3️⃣ Iced Lemon Honey ($5)

✨Beef Kofta Shakshuka✨
This resembles a Mediterranean dish. It is really unique for a cafe to serve this as a brunch. The kofta was really flavourful. It is quite apparent that it contains lots of spices, which gives a peppery kick to it. The tomato sauce has lots of cheese inside, making it smooth and creamy, yet it does not have a jelak taste. I loved dipping the bread into the tomato sauce and eating it with the other small cheese bits and peppers. Overall, this dish was a must to order, but it’s best to share with friends and family☺️

💰: $16
📈: 9/10

The matcha filling was quite thick, comparable to Hvala. I prefer having the plain crossaint top, but this has green tea chocolate on top. It still tastes really good, but I feel as a light dessert, it is too strong for me.

📈: 8/10

✨Chocolate Hazelnut✨
As a non-chocolate lover, this is not too heavy for me. It also has the crunchy hazelnut bits in the filling, making this cruffin taste a little like nutella.

📈: 9/10

I would have given this higher, but my friend said it gets sour and jelak after awhile. Personally, I think passionfruit is supposed to be a little sour than others and it is not the unbearably sour kind. This has the most filling out of all flavours, especially because the top also has passionfruit filling. The other flavours only have filling at the bottom. I like this a lot and would have been able to finish this by myself😝

📈: 9/10

💰: 1 for $5, 3 for $14.80

🥈Chocolate Hazelnut