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Bread Yard

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Breads handcrafted with ancient Japanese and European techniques served with all-day breakfast, sandwiches, leavened pancakes, and aromatic drip coffees in a rustic and fast casual setting.

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Ordered this via Grabfood and it was so delicious. Doesn't look like a big portion but I was filled from it. Tasty salmon that wasn't overcooked (not sure if it was sous vide maybe) atop brown rice, with some mushrooms broccoli and tomatoes. Very wholesome and yummy!! Came with a sauce that was a bit salty but I like :P the breadstick wasn't crisp though so I could have done without it. Topped up extra $2 for a soup of the day mushroom soup which I ate later for tea. A bit too salty but full of mushrooms. Will order again if I have Grabfood promo

- Very buttery, crunchy on the outside but quite hard and slightly chewy (Thankfullly it was not as chewy as the ones at Brotherbird Milk & Croissants)
- Soft, pillowy and moist on the inside
I love how they offered to warm up my croissant while I was ordering. However, this croissant was excessively moist and buttery that it was slightly off-putting. It could also have been much lighter, airier and fluffier on the inside with a more crisp and toasted exterior.
Price: 8.5/10
Taste: 4/10 (Didn't like the croissant)
Overall: 5/10

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Chai Latte ($5)
Came dusted with cinnamon which I love. The Chai Latte was very aromatic with strong notes of cinnamon and ginger. Great accompaniment to the rich chocolate tart.
Taste: 8/10

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The Bread Board ($7)
- Assortment of signature breads (Rye, Country, Hokkaido White Bread), White Miso Hummus, Homemade Raspberry Jam, Butter (Heritage Salted Butter)
- Sourdough Rye: Crisp and very crunchy, Densest of the 3 breads and subtly sweet as well, very rustic bread
- Sourdough Country: Exterior had a slightly sweet glaze
- Hokkaido White bread: Most buttery, airy and light (Love this); Pairs very well with the raspberry jam and the acidic raspberries helps to cut through the rich bread
Some parts of the bread had a nice toasted caramelisation, increasing the complexity of flavours. Both the dips that came along with the bread were amazing and complemented the bread very well. The homemade raspberry jam was very thick, subtly sweet and tangy. The best raspberry jam I've tasted thus far. Meanwhile, the white miso hummus (Made with Miso, Chickpeas, Sesame, Olive oil) is earthy with a strong taste of chickpeas. The texture is expectedly a lot more grainy. Both spreads complemented each other and of course, the bread very well, elevating the dish significantly.
Price: 8/10 (Quite a significant portion was given for $7)
Taste: 9/10 (A simple yet highly delicious dish; Not 10 as I personally did not like some of the bread)
Overall: 9/10 (Must-try if you like bread)

Salted Chocolate Pistachio Tart ($4.50)
- Very smooth and rich bittersweet chocolate ganache
- Thick tart crust, surprisingly not too buttery
- Though you can see the pistachio shavings on top, it was noticeably absent tastewise
Taste: 8/10
Price: 8.5/10

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The rosemary chicken was tender, but tasted quite plain, it could’ve done better with more herbs and seasoning. Probably the healthiest choice out of the three sandwiches we had (cheesesteak and roasted chicken), so consider this if you’re counting calories.

Juicy beef steak, cheese and generous bbq sauce layered on Bread Yard’s sourdough make for an indulgent lunch sandwich. If you’re watching your diet, this might be a sandwich to share with a friend just for a little treat.