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Rose scented frangipane, raspberry & lychee filling, macarons.

I had one of these yesterday and then another one this morning, the one yesterday had a stronger rose scent and more filling. The filling has lots of berry/jammy flavour, and expect a frangipane filling (like almond croissant) rather than a rose flavoured cream filling. There are lots of elements to this croissant: macaron shells, croissant with filling and the croissant is sliced in half as well, hence why the price is slightly higher than say the pain au chocolat which is priced at $4. Personally wish this had more of a rose fragrance and lychee flavour, and that the filling was a cream based one instead. The macaron shells are a pretty touch! But if they were one whole macaron instead or a rose meringue stick, that would’ve been more interesting. In light of the recent lockdown announcements, Brother Bird are now going to open everyday for takeaway croissants yay 😇

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💸: $15

💬: Mochi donut was 10/10, but matcha ice cream definitely wasn't my favourite but it's okay, flavour for May is cereal milk so i'm going back, just watch me 😎

There was something satisfying about the sweet cold dairy paired with the freshly fried donut, smooth serve and crunchy bits of almond. The mochi donut tasted similar to a big chunk of really chewy marshmallow and was personally a rather acquired taste. Soft serve was gently melting from the donut’s warmth and soon turned into a puddle of matcha and salted caramel glaze.

This innovative joint keeps their soft serve flavours on rotation; past flavours have included Mango Sticky Rice, Chendol and Oolong Milk Tea! At $7 a cup, or $15 on a hot mochi donut for extra decadence, these swirls of delight are an absolute pick-me-up on a hot day. Grab one of their Matcha Chocolate Mochi Croissants ($4) to go too!
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One of the offerings from the April Lineup!

But like most of their croissants, the filling was too sweet, and the croissant could afford to be flakier & more buttery.

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$25 may seem a tad hefty for a classic English breakfast, but take my word when I say it’s worth every buck. You’ve got sourdough toast topped with a creamy 3-egg scramble (idk what eggs go in there I haven’t had a chance to catch Bird since 🙃), sweet roasted tomatoes, juicy and tender homemade sausage patties, bacon strips, creamed mushrooms, and a crisp garden salad. Every component is executed perfectly, each complementing the others while bringing additional layers of nuanced contrast in textures and flavours. It’s straightforward and hearty, and downright delicious. And that’s really all I desire in a good ol’ breakfast plate. They get extra brownie points for a solid salad too: great vinaigrette and crisp veggies that are definitely not just on the plate as an afterthought.

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